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RetroEra Mar 9, 2020

Repeating to make blanket? Is that even a word? Also i told you all the obvious i was only saying the truth to it. Still why the hell did i get banned? When i simply told you of how religion works in the world we live in. By either being a religious individual or just being a Satanist either way you can follow your own beliefs and all. Still no reason to be banned. Also lack of respect since when did i ever lack respect? 🤔

RetroEra Mar 8, 2020

I was respectful listening to yall i was going to say i was joking until i got banned still that was unnecessary to banned me like for real? Come on man give me a chance i was only joking and not trying make it seem unreasonable.

RetroEra Mar 8, 2020

@SpanglishJC why did i get banned?

ScorpioVelvet Dec 27, 2019

So true, buddy! And now we're entering the 2020's, for which should be quite interesting & huge (hopefully even better).

No problem, my Christmas was good yet hope yours was a blast too. :)

ScorpioVelvet Dec 23, 2019

So I see, yet I do wish you good times in Spain as always and make the most out of it this Christmas.

I feel the same about watching anime lately throughout this year, but I am getting back on track in which I've started watching .hack//SIGN since last week (it's interesting but complex yet good) & might do Demon Slayer in between. I need to catch up on the new HBO series for Watchmen: I was quite surprised that it's a sequel when my brother & I first started watching it last month. Also been working on my art as usual while helping with family around the house because of the floors got renovated this month, too. Some good has happened, some bad has happened with this happening little by little... still staying strong & doing my best through it all nevertheless.

Will let you go for the holidays and talk to you all over again very soon, so enjoy everything while it lasts and God bless you as well happy holidays once more. ;)