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ScorpioVelvet Jun 15, 2017

Hey, man!

How has life been going with you these days? It has been quite a while since we've last talked, and soooooooo much has happened with me. My life has been going through lots of ups & downs as always, more recently I've went to an anime convention for the first time in life and it was so awesome! You can read all about it - &

I've also been watching some of the new season for Attack On Titan and started reading Rurouni Kenshin lately, which are both awesome so far! :) Have you watched any new good anime lately may I ask?

Just dropped by to say hello & share what's new with me, hope your life is going swell at the moment and have a nice rest-of-the-week.


zerothehero Jun 10, 2017

Hello, could I join the DAMC?

bigoof Jun 10, 2017

Thanks! So I just wait until the 14th?

bigoof Jun 9, 2017

Hi! I was wondering if I could join the Daily Anime Marathon Club.