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LUCIIIII Jul 22, 2021

What are u daring me into?

nowrinklebrain Jun 26, 2021

Hello, it was absolutely my pleasure. I'd love to talk on Discord, my thingy is Kaylie#7461, it's also in my bio.

LUCIIIII Jun 24, 2021

Your welcome,and thanks for following too! And feel free to chat with me in discord too!!! ^^ (Username in Discord: Fall#2450)

P.S Have you watched/read anything good lately?? :)

Have a nice day/night!! <33

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MEriVia Nov 10, 2020

Hey there, Thanks for the invitation, i already add you

me too it's been a while since i logged there, i've never play any game there too; didn't know how; these time i'm just watching anime, what about you?

Feel free to comment

MEriVia Oct 22, 2020

I totally agrre with you.

Yagami Light said once: i want to create a paradise without bad people (Exactly what Canut said at VINLAND SAGA), i really like when a characater think like that (out of the box) unlike every character in anime, These two really care about what too far. These goals it really surpass other characters goals, that's why they worth to be a leader (like Erwin, Light and Canut), and you can see that even Askeladd or Thorkell accept easily to follow Canut without hesitate. Unlike Thorfinn at the beginning cares about revenge (that's all). Also in the end of Death note manga after his death, people come to worship Light. That's why i really like the Characters when they think out of the box.

About Hisoka, he never care about anything just kiling the best Fighters, sometimes we see him protecting that best fighter from other killers, to just kill him by himself (like what happened with Gon and Ilumi), I like his mindset, he's very mysterious.

I like Chrollo Lucilifer because he is a bad guy not because he want it. He faces all challenges without complaining about the consequences. Deep thinking. Very calm person. No shouting (i don't like character like that). BUT until now we really cannot know what made Chrollo Like this, what his background is (Hisoka too and every character in HxH)....

AND MY TOP CHARACTER IS GINTOKI: a very lazy guy, not caring about anything just JUMP, sometimes he's bad, sometimes he's good, sometimes he's evil, sometimes he's afraid, A perfect protector, and you can feel that he's like a father to Kagura & Shinpachi.