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Hello! Welcome to my profile!

I'm more of a anime watcher than a manga reader. I have opinions on characters, which I do try to base in rationality. 

That being said, I strongly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and understand that not everyone will have the same reaction to a particular character. But if you believe false stuff about a character then don be surprised to get debunked

Remember: I'm not watching anime to impress you and I'm not ranking them to impress you- I don't care if you think my taste is painfully basic or if you're offended because I've ranked your favorite anime/manga at a 2.5 when you think it deserves a 4.5. My rankings are based on my own personal preference and tastes.

I'm not especially into romance- I prefer action- but I do have a variety of of friendship stories.

Ecchi/fanservice are my thing.

However, feel free to message me for whatever reason. I'm always open to new opinions and discussions. 

Fyi, I have a zero tolerance policy for personal attacks, be they directed at myself or another user. 

Things I'm into: ecchi, fanservice, found family, action, comedy, adventure, action, sci-fi.

Things I'm not into: gore, ,horror, smut.

General opinions:

-Learn to separate fiction from reality in any series

- 'Overrated' is not an argument. At this point, every well-written, beloved character is overrated it would seem because that's all the haters seem to have to say.

-Shipping culture is cancerous and the worst part of fandom. The fact that people actually take it as far as harrassment is appalling.

-People need to stop judging female characters based on their breast size. 'Flat-chested' is not and should not be used as a derogotory term. specially orihime and rukia from BLEACH

Top series (in no particular order)


-Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

-One Piece


-Parasyte The Maxim

-Kaguya Sama Love is War

-The god of shighschool



-Welcome to the demon school Iruma kun


-One Piece

-Chainsaw man


-Vinland Saga

-Jujutsu Kaisen 

-Demon Slayer

-My Hero Academia

-Black clover

-Dont mess with me nagatoro

Best Boys:

Miyuki Shirogane (Kaguya Sama love is war)

Pin en Kaguya Sama love is war🌹 Miyuki Shirogane 🌹 | Wiki | •Anime• Amino

Sakata Gintoki (GINTAMA)

 Análisis de personaje #3: Sakata Gintoki, ShiroyashaSakata Gintoki | Personajes de anime, Vampiros anime, Animes chidos

Kurosaki Ichigo (BLEACH)

El creador de Bleach muestra el nuevo arte de Ichigo - La Neta NetaKurosaki Ichigo Photo: Ichigo Kurosaki | Bleach anime, Bleach art, Anime

Best Girls:

Orihime Inoue (BLEACH)

Orihime Inoue | Wiki | •Anime• AminoTop 10 Best Waifus in Bleach: The Ultimate Ranking – FandomSpot

Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

Nico Robin (One Piece)

Pin on one piece

Isabela Alves nos sorprende con su llamativo cosplay de Nico Robin de One  Piece

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ReviewBonfire Oct 26, 2023

Weird, i didnt say anything. What did i lie about, can you help me up with it?

thegirlontheclouds Aug 30, 2023

Yeah, you’re right! Golden Wind has an amazing soundtrack

thegirlontheclouds May 2, 2023

It totally makes sense, but like I said I have already changed my opinion for her lol <3

Glad to know you like JoJo too. My favourite part is Part 3, but I absolutely love the vibes Part 4 gives too like these amazing scenes:

Photos from Morioh Grand Hotel – Photo 1 of 1 | VK Pin by ♡ on ꒰ jjba: my screenshots ꒱ | Jojos bizarre adventure, Jojo  bizzare adventure, Background

What about your favourite JoJo opening? i personally love them all, but like Fighting Gold the most (like 5% more lol bc all of them are so great)

thegirlontheclouds May 2, 2023

Now, I love the way you kept it respectful so I will do the same, but even though - yes she did help in certain (minor) situations - you can't compare her healing powers with Unohana's and in reality her personality is just made out of her kindness (and love for Ichigo- which i totally get) so can't you call it bland? Listen, I don't blame the author or Orihime herself, but this is a pretty common trope in anime - you can see it with Casca from Berserk, you can see it with Mikasa from AoT - the only difference is that Orihime isn't as powerful as them. On the other hand you stated: "Orihime isnt useless, annoying or helpless" and "she is nothing of the negative you think she is". Now let me clarify: I think Orihime is annoying because of all the times she simps for Ichigo, I think she is useless because unlike other powers, hers have little to no destructive/protective power, I think she is helpless because - exept a few times - she never succesfully saved herself and always got rescued by Kurosaki, but in no way do i think she is negative or evil. Like I said in my review I do understand that she is a very kind and inoccent peron, however... As for the latter part: "but something tells me you didn't like her or understood her human nature even before the Ulquiorra scene" I do and did indeed understand her human nature even beore that, but even though she is kind, smart and innocent she still is a ✨pain in the ass✨, because come onnnnnn- she literally made Ichigo die and come back to life just because she couldn't save her sorry ass. (sorry I got a little excited back there) But you can't deny the fact that she is just there to be his love interest and she is just there to be the biggest source of fan-service. I still love/appreciate her (especially after the Ulquiorra scene and TYBW) - you should know that - but I just can't unsee her little flaws and I can see why so many people hate her (I mean she's number 19 in most-hated charcters). I hope you understand and don't take anything personally and I hope we can start following each other. <3

Inoue orihime GIFs - Obtenez le meilleur gif sur GIFER Gif, bleach and orihime inoue gif anime #1769032 on

(damn she's cuuuteee)

(P.S- sorry for the long ass comment, i just wanted to be as clear as possible)

(P.P.S- No hate intended <3)

Sette Jun 22, 2022

good for you that you think so.