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Nov 27, 2019

(Spoiler-free Review)

What a painfully average anime. It had potential, but it thought far too highly of itself and kept trying to use anime tropes without understnading what makes those tropes successful.


Such wasted potential. The idea behind it is good, but the execution is poor, especially the pacing. This anime tries for drama and fails. The only episode that I completely enjoyed was episode 10 when we see one of the characters' backstory. That episode is the only emotion I felt in this entire show. As far as what interested me, the internal dilemna of one of the main characters and the episodes from 10 onward are the only things that truly had me intrigued.


It's okay. Could be better. There are too many moments when the camera is a bit of a ways off hile someone is talking and the animators think this is an excuse to not have that character's mouth move at all.


Not a fan of the opening (not my style), but the ending is fairly memorable. I can't remember a single track that played throughout the episodes.

Also, the dub...wasted potential. It's not that the voices were necessarily bad; they were just the WRONG voices. Only one character had a voice that truly fit AND had good acting.


Oh, boy. Where do I begin? To put it simply, all the characters are underdeveloped with the exception of one, maybe two at the end. All the villains do the typical "I'm crazy, I stick my tongue out and laugh maniacally" thing which makes their only defining characteristic be "psycho". That's not how you write a good villain, much less several. The show tries to develop some of the characters, but it ends up cringy and rushed most of the time. Also, we didn't even meet TWO of the principal characters this season. I can only assume they were in the manga and were cut due to trying to cram everything into 12 episodes.


This show very well could have been the next Seven Deadly Sins. However, the writers took the lazy route. The made predictable moves that you can expect out of every other anime. Every character was underdeveloped, the pacing was either too fast or too slow, there's grand emotional buildup without any pay-off because the writers didn't spend time making us care, too much is left unexplained, it seems almost pointless to meet half the cast because they end up useless and forgetten in the end, many of the fights end anticlimatically, and the show obviously thinks it's better than it really is.

5/10. Maybe 6/10 if I'm feeling generous...

4/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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