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[Vague Spoilers/Allusions]

For me, it's better than season 1 part 2 but not as good as season 1 part 1. I lost interest in season 1 when they started focusing more on the school, so it was a relief that this season focused more on the family dynamic. It is getting old that only Anya knows everyone's secrets. There isn't really a good reason why she and Yor can't be on the same page at least, and Bond adds to that frustration because he can't communicate at all.

The ED is miles better than the OP. While the animation looks amazing in some places, I feel like it may have decreased in quality a bit overall. Some characters that were getting on my nerves in season 1 part 2 are more tolerable here, mainly due to having a lesser presence or not being forced into annoying situations.

Not much really happened this season compared to either part of last season, so it does kind of make all of these episodes feel like filler, especially when half an episode was devoted to a side character's misadventures. The best direction for this show to go in would be for some or all members of the Forger family to work in unison. The only arc in this season became a little frustrating because Yor was doing all the work and could've greatly benefitted from having Twilight's assistance or Anya coming right out and saying what she knows. The whole "they're just my cover-up" thing is getting old, too, since we all know it isn't true but those thoughts keep Anya from helping when it would be critical for her to do so...

6.5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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