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Anime I Dropped, Considered Dropping, or Wish I Had Dropped

What the title says. This is a list of anime I dropped, thought about dropping but finished anyway, or wished I had dropped after finishing. Each entry will include the reason and episode dropped if I am able to remember. A few of these I may give another chance in the future. NOTE: I usually try to give anime a chance. I am picky about what anime I even attempt watching, so if the description/trailer/etc interested me enough to actually watch the first episode, I try to give it a few episodes to prove itself. This means that if I dropped an anime during or after the first episode, IT WAS AWFUL! This also means that there are several anime I ended up finishing just because I don't like to leave a story unfinished. That doesn't mean I necessarily liked the show, just that it wasn't *quite* bad enough for me to drop it.
1 Lucky Star

Lucky Star

Dropped: <1 episode

Starting off this list with a fan favorite.

I dropped this less than halfway into the first episode. I skipped through the rest of the episode to see if it would get better, but it never did. I found it boring and was not the least bit amused. none of the characters caught my attention, and I found myself zoning out while watching. I will likely never try this anime again unless I am watching it with someone else.

2 A Destructive God Sits Next to Me

A Destructive God Sits Next to Me

Dropped: 1 episode

I didn't laugh or smile at all throughout the first episode. I spent most of the time predicting what was going to happen and trying to figure out if the protagonist had a tail or a weird belt. This anime is too generic and hardly original. The half-hour felt dragged out. Perhaps I would have given it a few more episodes if these were shorts.

I can see how someone new to anime would like this or think it was cute. That said, there are so many predictable, overused tropes and caricatures in this show that I don't see how anyone who has seen multiple comedy anime can enjoy this when it is just so very generic.

3 Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh

Dropped: Unknown amount of episodes. At least 6.

This one wasn't that bad. It just didn't interest me, and I had trouble telling the characters apart (and caring about them). I also can't remember a single thing about it because I wasn't interested enough in the show and thus, kept zoning out. Eventually, I realized that I was just watching it out of boredom and not because I actually liked it. I watched it about 8 years ago, so maybe I'll give it another chance and see if my tastes have changed since then.

4 Beelzebub


Dropped: 1 episode

I didn't find it funny. More annoying than anything. I was going to give it another episode because the plot does intrigue me, but I knew it would just leave me annoyed and regretting the time I spent on it, so I dropped it.

5 Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon

Dropped: 1 episode

Typical bad, boring, poorly-written, badly voice acted, predictable "kids" anime. I don't remmeber anything about it, but I do recall watching it around the age of 14 or so and thinking that there's a chance I may have liked it if I had watched it when I was much younger. Or rather, a chance I would have TOLERATED it, at least.

6 D.Gray-man


Dropped: ~11 episodes

Overall, kinda boring. When I stopped watching, it was just starting to get interesting, but I stalled for a while and then forgot everything, so I dropped it entirely. Maybe I'll come back to it one day. People say it gets good after episode 80 or something, but...come on. You really expect me to sit through 80 episodes just to finally watch something worthwhile?

7 D.N.Angel


Dropped: 1 episode

Similar to Blue Dragon (watched around the same time), I think I was just too old for this when I tried to watch it. I wanted to like it and considered watching at least one or two more episodes, but I just couldn't see myself enjoying it. It had potential, but I think it dragged and suffered from some bad writing.



Dropped: 1 episode

Another fan favorite. I wanted to drop it less than a third of the way into the episode. I kept checking the time to see how much more was left. I only forced myself to finish the first episode because it was recommended to me in exchange for the other person watching the first episode of an anime I recommended (Darker Than Black). I honestly can't stand this anime. Even though it's a mere 4 episodes, I can't bring myself to watch any more of it. I saw a bit of the new one, and that seemed like an improvement (I could actually stomach watching most of the first epiosde), but this entire franchise is just not for me.

9 .hack//SIGN


Dropped: 1 episode

Boring. I can't give any other critique than that because I BARELY even remember watching this. I only gave it a try because someone recommended it to me. That was the ONLY reason I watched the entirety of the first episode.

10 Hentatsu (2020)

Hentatsu (2020)

Dropped: 2 episodes

What even is this?

11 Oda Shinamon Nobunaga

Oda Shinamon Nobunaga

Drooped: 1 episode

The description had me excited for this. What I got were a bunch of dogs that aren't even cute, a comedy that isn't even funny, and a historial fiction wannabe show that taught me almost nothing. The humor is predictable and unoriginal, and as I said before, THE DOGS AREN'T EVEN CUTE! I honestly would have given this at least another episode or two if the dogs were cute. What a disappointment.

12 Piano: The Melody of a Young Girl's Heart

Piano: The Melody of a Young Girl's Heart

Dropped: 2 episodes

***B  O  R  I  N  G***

Like, I know I say a lot of other entries on this list were boring, but I was actually yawning through this, patiently waiting for it to get better. It didn't.

13 School Babysitters

School Babysitters

Dropped: 1 (2?) episode

It annoyed me. That's honestly the main reason. The colors are SO BRIGHT and the character designs are so uninspired that this anime is hard for me to look at without feeling a headache approaching. Beyond that, I didn't find it that funny. I kind of like the interactions between the teens. If the characters designs were different, I could honestly find this show cute. The only reason I would give this another chance is for the two teen characters. Those babies can--

14 Shakugan no Shana II

Shakugan no Shana II

Dropped: 1 episode

One day, I'll give the entire series another chance.

Just not any time soon.

15 The Twelve Kingdoms

The Twelve Kingdoms

Dropped: 12 episodes

I watched 12 whole episodes of this before I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted something like Kyo Kara Maoh, and every place I looked on the internet recommended this. This was SO dull. It was boring and dreadfully slow-paced. When I dropped it, the pace had actually started to pick up and the show was starting to become interesting, but by then, I no longer wanted to invest any time in it. The main character is not very likable and the only other character that was even memorable was the mouse-creature-thing. That's it. I vaguely remember sometihng about a prince, and I remember her parents not liking her hair. Yawn. If only the pacing were faster and the main character were more likable, I could honestly see myself likeing this anime. The only way I will return to it is if I read a summary of the dreadful first 12 episodes and then pick up where I left off.

16 Zombie Land Saga

Zombie Land Saga

Dropped: 2 episodes

Honestly, I might try this again, especially if someone else wants to watch it. I didn't find it very funny or cute, and the zombie trope is uninteresting to me. A couple of the characters are interesting, though, which is why I may come back to this one day.

17 The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School

Dropped: 4 episodes

I wanted to like. It was on my watchlist since it first came out, and I finally watched the first two episodes...then stalled it. Months later, I pushed myself to watch a couple more eps. I really wanted to like it, but there was NOTHING drawing me in. I read some reviews to see if it gets better, and after seeing that it doesn't, I dropped it.

18 Log Horizon

Log Horizon

Dropped: 1 episode

Got so bored, I started doing stuff in another tab halfway through the episode, desperately waiting for the genericness and annoying caricatures to go away.

19 Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

Dropped: 2 episodes

Not very entertaining beyond the transformation scene. Everything else is boring, and the fights are underwhelming with no sense of stakes.

20 By the Grace of the Gods

By the Grace of the Gods

Dropped: 5 episodes

Read the reviews.

On top of all those reasons, it isn't even cute! I watched because I was hoping to gush over it like Slime Rancher, but the show didn't even have that going for it.

21 Angels of Death

Angels of Death

Considered dropping. Took me most of a year to finish the last few episodes because I was struggling to keep watching. I ONLY finished because I had gotten so far and don't like to drop shows at that point. It's...not good. It has potential but wastes it on a bunch of other nonsensical garbage that detracts from what's actually interesting. And characters are severely lacking in the "development" department except for Zack to an extent. Riddled with cliches, plot holes, and edge for the sake of edge, it left me feeling like I'd wasted my time after the first few episodes. The last episode I watched at 2x speed just to be done with it.

22 Black Butler 2

Black Butler 2

Considered dropping There was a point where I sincerely considered dropping this because it seemed like Ciel and Sebastian weren't going to be in the season much, and I, to this day, cannot STAND Aloise (he's the reason I've still yet to rewatch this season). However, I stuck with it, and it did get better....until it got worse again.

23 Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor

Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor

Considered dropping I was PISSED at what this second season was, and considered dropping it. However, my love for the first season and the hope of seeing some of the show's former glory kept me watching. The second time I watched this season, it wasn't as bad. Still dislike it, but it has its moments.

24 Re:ZERO: Starting Life in Another World Season 2: Part II

Re:ZERO: Starting Life in Another World Season 2: Part II


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