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Anime Characters We Never Expected to Die So Soon... :'( SPOILERS, OF COURSE!!

SPOILER WARNING! This a list for the anime characters we never imagined would die, let alone so soon. Their deaths came as a surprise, and we still have yet to recover.

Anime I Dropped, Considered Dropping, or Wish I Had Dropped

What the title says. This is a list of anime I dropped, thought about dropping but finished anyway, or wished I had dropped after finishing. Each entry will include the reason and episode dropped if I am able to remember. A few...

Anime I Genuinely Find Funny (which is rare!)

It's rare for me to find a comedy actually funny. Here are the anime that are diamonds in the rough. For it to count, it can't be an anime that made me laugh every once in a while or that I simply recognized as being humorous but...

Anime I need to rewatch

These are anime that I need to rewatch because I hardly remember them and either think they deserve a different rating or have been wanting to rewatch them for a while now.

Consistently Good Anime (From Start to Finish)

We all know those animes where it starts off really well, but half-way through, it starts going horribly wrong. Well, this list is for animes that have been good from start to finish. Granted, there may be a few "hit or miss"...

Good for Introducing Children to Anime

These are anime that are well suited for kids (around age 6 and up). If you have a child in your life who you would love to become fascinated with anime, these are some great series/movies to hopefully pique their interest. They...

Great Start, But the Rest... :/

There have been far too many anime that had truly promising first episodes or first-half seasons. Unfortunately, after a certain point, the anime either loses a lot of its original charm and/or goes to complete crap. This is a...

Lesser-Known Anime

This is a list of lesser-known animes. Some may not be completely unheard of, but you won't find anything mainstream here.