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Blackreaper1 Aug 10, 2018

Your right. I hate that she died. She was actually a good character in the manga.

Licca Jul 19, 2015

SonozakiShion15150 says...

I will never understand the hate for Seryu. Sure, she was horribly mislead, but she had a good reason, and everybody in existence would do exactly what she did if they were in her justice-obsessed shoes. She's one of my favorite characters in this show. 

THANK YOU! She actually is my fav charackter she dosent desirve the hate I actually dislike most of the main char's.

OddJobProdigy May 29, 2015

Ok so sorry for the late reply, i kinda just had a birthday so i fell behined in comments a bit but i'm back now and if you'd like to see what i'm watching you can just click my watching tab under my anime me i'd be faster then me telling you sence i'm watching like nine lol. 

OddJobProdigy May 22, 2015

Very true, and sorry for the late reply ;)

OddJobProdigy May 21, 2015

Ed is cool lol, say do you have skype?