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Why hello there stalker, it's such a pleasure to meet you ^^


I like talking to nice peeps on here so please feel free to leave a comment below ^^

**I kindly ask if you please don't take offence based on what I say in my reviews.  I am not here to impress anyone and the reviews are based on MY OWN personal beliefs. If you don't agree with what I say in the reviews, please don't talk to me. I rather if you ignored me completely than attacking me please. I'm not trying to be whiny, snobby or all of the above, I'm just being serious and want to get along with everyone**









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 1,2,3,4 = Absolutely rubbish and a disappointment to mankind, I will never pick up this trash ever again.

5,6 = Seriously it had the potential to be better so why did it have to take a different route than what I was expecting?! I just don't understand man!

7, 8 = Actually pretty decent. It's not a masterpiece or that great but it' effin entertaining and such a very good journey to explore the whole story!

9= Omg it was such the best experience I've ever had while coming across this beauty, I'm literally on cloud 9 man!

10 = Hands down a literal motherfudging masterpiece, this is going to be a part of my life for now on. Just amazeballs😍😍




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blissinapricot Dec 26, 2020

thank you for the follow back! :D

Joohoneyackson Dec 17, 2020


I want to apologize again for not replying to your message. It's just that a lot has happened, and I'm not in a good headspace lately. I don't have the energy to do anything due to my depression. I just have to go trough this mood, so I've been laying in bed the entire week now just doing nothing or reading manga (that is if I can concentrate on it lol). So I just finished a manga and I saw your review on Goodreads and you said that there was only one chapter at that time. It's fully translated now. Honestly, it wasn't that good but it also wasn't bad. I'm just left with a lot of questions. The manga I'm talking about is 'Musebenake, Junjou'. There are also two one shots about the other couple and these are called 'Oath of Allegiance' and sense of loyalty. Just... don't read those one shots first or you'll be stuck with a "what the freaking fcking hell' kind of feeling xD Idk what to think of those myself tbh 

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the manga is complete. I'll respond to your other message when I have the energy, if that's okay? Tbh I don't even know why I'm writing messages now because I can't even concentrate on writing. Everything sucks lol

Also, I hope that you've been doing fine? Even though uni is probably killing you, like it's killing all of us lol

noyako Dec 16, 2020


np, actually i was wondering if you were asking about my semester or the graduation. i was supposed to finish only in 2023 if everything went according to the plan xD well, since covid messed all the schedule, i think i will finish only in April 2024! aw, thank you, i hope you get a lot of good grades too! <33 fight the exams like heroes fight bad guys in animes xDD

yea, you're totally right!! i like lezhin titles, they have a lot of good romance under their wings. i used to read a lot of comics on webtoon and tapas, but no time to do it right now :(( and about the manga you linked, it's not that one that i read lol it's in my want to read list tho, but i didn't check the synopsis at the time i was bookmarking. i think i will pass it lol wtf is that synopsis, really ashakjsha but i read this one Your Butt Fetish is a Pain in My Ass and i must say: the uke has a nice roundy butt there. the couple from this manga pissed me off, maybe because they weren't mature. but with a title like this, it's impossible to make a serious plot LMAO

oh i heard about strawberry panic, but i didn't give a chance yet. there is a lot of animes in my ongoing list right now so... i will just follow animes from this season for now. and i know what you meant by your tastes about yuri haha i like cute/cheesy spice of life GLs. but i like spice of life in general xD and i agree with you, it's hard to find good GLs anime, i just gave up in searching, really lol

aww thank you for the compliment <3 sometimes i feel insecure typing like "mY eNgLisH iS bRoKen", but i'm happy that this is not the case lol

noyako Dec 15, 2020

yea, it's totally like you said. when i finally accomplish some tasks from classes i feel a false sense of freedom xDD because i know this won't end until i have at least my 1 week vacation because of christmas + new year. and i will be using this vacation time to study as well, since i piled up some classes x.x

well, my exams are about to start in January and i will only finish the semester in April. so i will have exams till then *sobs* btw good luck with your exams <3

HAHAHAHAHA omg this one you recommended is in my "want to read" list. i think i read a lot of fetishes titles in my life. like titles about fetish hands like this one: Hand in Hand. i remember to read a bara about smell fetishes but i can't remember the name. i think the one i most liked was about a dentist who has teeth fetish LOL i tried to find the title, but i couldn't :( i'll try it later, when my memory will be willing to refresh xDD

oh there is an anime about this one!! i'm gonna watch someday hehe i think the most recent GL i watched was Aoi Hana.

sometimes i suck writing because im not an english native speaker, so if i say some nonsense things = it's just how i am xDD