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7, 8 = Actually pretty decent. It's not a masterpiece or that great but it' effin entertaining and such a very good journey to explore the whole story!

9= Omg it was such the best experience I've ever had while coming across this beauty, I'm literally on cloud 9 man!

10 = Hands down a literal motherfudging masterpiece, this is going to be a part of my life for now on. Just amazeballs😍😍




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OkamiHime95 Oct 18, 2020

Hello. ^^ How are you?

Just came by to say that I like your PFP lol. xD

Oh, watching any good anime lately? 

I'm almost done with Mr Love: Queen's Choice, and while I thought it was ok, I don't see myself rewatching it in the future tbh. :\ I'm wondering if the Kdrama is better?

Anyway, hope you have a good day/evening. :)

Joohoneyackson Oct 13, 2020

I know right? o_o Though, I did manage to finish a manhwa (I think you saw it on Goodreads), so I’m happy. xD When I have to take the train to go to the city where uni is, I’m on it for about an hour, so I figured I could read it then hehe

Ah no, sorry I didn’t explain it well! The totall amount of years I would spend on higher education would be seven years. 3 years in college (which I already did), 3 years in uni and a course that takes up 1 year. It’s indeed not a nice situation to be in because I’m basically wasting two fucking years now due to that useless transition year. No, I haven’t  thought about something else that I might want to do yet. To be honest, I really don’t know what I want to do in life. Like, I don’t want things to get dark or something but I’ve been batteling depression since I was 12, and I never imagined getting older than 18 years old. And tbh I almost didn’t make it past that age but somehow I did. So I never thought about my future but now here I am. I’m 21 years old and I have no idea wtf I want to do. So I just stumbled on this path, and I might as well get through with it because there isn’t anything else I want to do, I guess.

Ohmygod you must have been bored or didn’t want to do any homework that you looked that up kdjdofjf. 😂😂 Is it really that complicated? I mean, I didn’t understand shit about higher education at first because of the damn points we have to use for it but it’s not that complicated actually. xD Well, theoretically that’s true. Both my parents don’t have an higher education degree, and they both are doing fine. My mom used to work as an accountant for a big company, and my dad is vice president of another company. So it’s possible to do a job straight after high school, but the chances of you actually getting a decent job without a degree are getting lower. More and more jobs are requiring some kind of degree. Though, jobs like factory jobs or those hard labor jobs, these can be done without any higher education degree, if I’m not mistaken. It also depends on what you did in high school. There are “levels” you can choose between, and one of them is more job-oriented and takes up 7 years (the other levels are 6 years). People who choose to do this, are basically being prepared to do a job right after high school (though, they can also choose to do higher education). And I think it’s easier for them to get a job without a higher education degree than the ones who did another level in high school. Yeah, idk if you understand anything about it. I guess, I understand now what you mean about it being complicated xD

Why did they thought you were off to another college? Ngl, that gave me a “yeet” feeling x’D I’m glad it worked out in the end! So I guess your classes have started too?

Ah no, we’re using another platform platform. It’s called Blackboard. I’m not sure but it might only exists in Belgium? We had to use Microsoft Teams in college too. I didn’t like it. xD It’s weird that your laptop and tablet doesn’t support it. o_o Yeah, I can imagine that it’s a pain in the ass that you can only use it on the phone. That can’t be easy to use, rigt? I feel you on the phone part though. My phone is broken as hell but I don’t want to buy another one. I just hope yours will hold on because it’s pretty important in your case.

Yeah, Elfen Lied is probably not supposed to be Dutch. It’s just a coincidence, I guess xD There are actually a lot of words that are written the same in Dutch and English, but have different meanings and are obviously pronounced differently. Actually, I love horror but if this one is about animal abuse, yeah that’s not for me. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve put it on my to-watch list. How come about te dub, though? xD

Yeah, it’s indeed sickening.. In college, I had one course and it was criminology. If I remember correctly, we first had to learn about its history, and there was a part about the nazis. Ah man, I can’t remember what it was but it was something like them experimenting on people and it was disgusting.

Ah no, I do speak Dutch at home. When we’re having serious conversations, when talking to other family members,... But overall I think I speak more English? 🤔 Idk I’ve always been “good” at languages and years ago I started speaking English at home to get better at it. Besides, my English is “the best” when it comes to me, my parents and my older brother. And due to speaking English, I’m actually helping them improve their English too. Of course they always answer in Dutch but I’ve noticed over the years that they began to speak English more often too. Like, they would say random English sentences or answer shortly in English. It’s funny xD Also, my dad is using it as a way to bond with me. Because of my autism, it’s hard for my parents to reach out to me but my dad tries to do what he can in order to be able to reach me. He knows I love languages, so he tries to join me in that interest. Like, he would randomly send me emails in English and stuff. xD It’s nice to see because his English is not that good (it’s not bad either) but he tries because of me.

Well to be honest, we might be right next door to the UK but its influence on our English is not that big. In high school, they try to teach us Brittish-English but the impact that tv has is way bigger. Tv shows from the UK are pretty rare, so it’s mostly American tv shows and movies that are shown on tv. We grow up watching tv, and that’s why its impact is way bigger than what they teach us in school. Speaking American-English is considered normal here, not Brittish-English. Idk I’ve always loved the accents from the UK and I started speaking like that years ago and now I can’t speak otherwise. xD Yeah but aren’t Irish accents like really difficult? There are some accents or dialects that aren’t even understandable, so yeah xD

Oh damn that’s actually a good idea! I really see him doing that. Lol I’m going to let him know that you said that xD Oh yeah, I feel you on that one.. I skipped a lot of classes in college because I didn’t want to go alone (and because I’m a lazy piece of shit who slept like half of the day all the time but let’s forget about that). I understand how shit that feeling is :/

I just randomly asked him to pronouce the word for me hsidbfkf 😂 He did it but I don’t even remember it. It’s a freaking weird word 😂

SecretOtaku Oct 11, 2020

Just finished Death Note and I have mixed feelings.  On one hand even though in my opinion, what Light is doing is wrong, seeing him humiliated and die like that wasn't a nice feeling.  But one thing I loved was how when he died, he called out for Misa, who he had abandoned once he thought he could no longer use her, and Kiyomi, who he had killed.  Just goes to show that his lack of caring for others and using them as he wanted was his undoing in the end.  I don't want to read the main Death Note manga either tbh, but who knows?  I did read Death Note pilot (the one with the death eraser) and the Death Note (2020) one shot with the guy who tried to sell the Death Note.  They were nice i guess.  I loved L and Light's rivalry and due to Near being too similar, yet not as good as L, I disliked him strongly.  I preferred Mello much more as, even though he inherited L's love for sweets, he was quite different in a good way.  The OP in the last arc was crazy, but I actually enjoyed it alot ngl, the first arc's OP is the best though.

Yeah, I would like to watch Great Pretender but I already have a huge stack of anime's to watch yet never find the time to, so it will probably take a long time before I watch it :") Also, I watched 'In this corner of this world', it was great, but pretty sad as well.  It really just gives me a sad feeling whenever thinking about it.  Have you seen it?  

Joohoneyackson Oct 9, 2020

Here I am again with the late response. To be honest, I’ve been feeling like shit. 🙃I’ve been studying my butt off these past three weeks, like I totally don’t have free time anymore, and I’ve realized that I can’t keep up. I just can’t. And even though, I’m not the only one (my friend and a guy who did the same study at college as us and is studying the same thing as us now too, are struggling just as much), but I still feel like I’ve failed? Idk I’m just so mad at myself. I’m doing a transition year now before I can do the master (which is mandatory here), so the master should be two years but because I can’t keep up, I’m going to have to split my transition year into two years. So that means I have to study for 3 fucking years in totall AGAIN. Like I said before, I’m not the only one because my friend and that guy are going to split it up too but this is just not what I had planned. What I had planned, after getting my master’s degree, was following a course to get a higher degree of “prevention advisor” than I have now, which would take a year too. But now that means that if I still want to do that, I’d be studying for 7 fucking years in totall. 7 fucking YEARS. I just don’t know anymore.

I hope your registration went well eventually?

I have to interview people because it’s an assignment from one of my courses. Like I said, I’m doing a transition year now and it’s basically to learn us basic things and to prepare us for the master. So we just have to interview people about a subject in order to learn how to do it (when in case we are going to do a job involving research). Though, I already learned how to do that in college and have taken plenty of interviews already (especially in SA), so I’m just hating this assignment because it’s a waste of time.

I’m jealous. I want to read manga too 😭

Are you kidding me, so it’s actually Dutch? Then how tf do you read it? 😂What does the title even mean? “Elfen lied” as in them lying, or “Elfen lied” as in “Elfen song” (Dutch to English translation). Dijejzksbf I’m so confused 😂yeaaah I’m not going to watch that anime anyway. If there’s animal abuse, that’s just going to give me way to much anxiety lol

Well.. yeah it’s pretty much like everything about WW2. A lot of people die, so it’s freaking sad indeed. And heartbreaking. I haven’t seen the movie in a long time but I remember crying at the ending SO HARD because it was so freaking deep and... beautiful. I think you should try watching it when you feel like it. It seriously is one hell of a masterpiece.

Yeah tbh I do am proud of it. My English is of course still not what it should be. I speak English at home a lot (just because I want to), mostly with British or Scottish accents (not to make fun of it, I just love those “accents”). Because of that, I kinda have developed a British accent while doing so. But around here, American-English is seen as the “normal” one, so when I have to speak English in “public”, I try to speak with an American accent but dude.. sometimes, that makes it sound like I can’t speak English AT ALL. Like, I would get the weirdest accent ever. It’s not even funny. It’s like a mix of American, Brittish, Scottish and Dutch accents 😂It’s a freaking mess.

Yeah my friend is really supportive and I love him for it. Like, when I say that I don’t know how to pronounce a word, he’ll send a video of him saying that word 😂I kind of had the same experience as you, not the situation but missing out on an opportunity to be friends with someone who’s not fluent in my native language. I still regret it to this day too 😕but hey, you reached out to him while nobody else did. I’m sure that made him very happy!

Tbh you splitting up that word is confusing me even more 😂I asked my friend from America to pronounce it for me lmao 😂

Joohoneyackson Oct 4, 2020

Yeah I’m okay. Thank you for being worried! Anyway, your messages wouldn’t disturb me at all but it’s most likely that I won’t answer until I find some free time. 😅 I feel you on that. I freaking HATE (group) projects and essays. We have to interview people for one of my courses and I absolutely hate doing that. I FEEL you on that. My bed is my best friend lol. These past two weeks, I think I’ve only read two mangas (and that’s because we were on the way with the car for a while and I couldn’t study that day). I just don’t have the energy to read manga anymore o_o So I started rewatching The Untamed again lmaooooo Anyway, did college start already for you?  

Lmao sad part is that my parents wouldn’t be surprised if I do something like that because they’re used to my shit x’D

Wait is that name of that anime supposed to be Dutch? O_O “Elfin Lied” is almost how it’s said in Dutch. I have no idea what that title is supposed to say or how I’m supposed to read it because I can’t unsee the Dutch way to read it xD

I highly recommend Band of Brothers! It’s the reason why I got into WW2. I also have the books, but I haven’t read them yet. “Saving Private Ryan” is a really good movie too. I have watched that one a couple of times already. I agree about the amount of WW2. Though, I mostly only know American productions about it. Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll check it out when I have free time again (probably in summer vacation *crying my eyes out*)

Oh yeah I feel you on that one too when I speak in Dutch. I throw in English words a lot because I can’t find the right Dutch words and I’m a freaking native Belgian x’D

I agree! Going to South Africa actually helped me improve my English a lot. Even my American friend noticed when we were talking through Snapchat's chat function! Hehe ^^

It’s odd! I’ve never heard of it before xD I don’t even know how to pronounce it x’D