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Please ignore my "Won't Watch" and "Dropped" lists when making recommendations. My goal is to categorize all the anime on this site and sorting shows I haven't seen yet into "Won't Watch" is one part of completing that goal. 


I also want to maintain only 6 "Liked" and "Disliked" characters. I figured it made the most sense to make my 6 "Liked" the characters that inspired me as I was growing up and play, I think, a big part in who I am today. 


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What?! No manga ratings?

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Claptrap Oct 4, 2022

Yes haha
I thought it would be nice to have a Halloween/Octover flavoured avatar

OkamiHime95 Sep 10, 2022


Just wanted to apologize for my last message, and I'm sorry if it was triggering in any way. (I didn't think about that.)

Those relatives of mine aren't bugging/stressing us out hardly as much lately now, but at the time, I just really needed to vent to someone, and well, there's very few people on here that actually enjoy talking to me, so...

Anyway, in other news, it sounds like I'll finally be able to afford a dog by next year, preferably Spring or Summer.

Claptrap Sep 3, 2022

Naw, though I have no problem with people smoking or using pot in other ways I'm just surrounded by the smell a lot so I'm not someone who really smokes/consumes. Do take some CBD pills here and there though.

CodexScript Sep 1, 2022

That's so very kind of you to reach out. I really appreciate it. 
Thankfully I just started a really nice paying job that I'm actually happy at.
I'll be able to afford my own home in a week or two, and for now, I'm somewhere safe.
Things are on the mend. :)

Claptrap Aug 31, 2022

Oh that does sound juicy.
Hopefully I'll get around to watching it soon then, it sounds interesting. Thanks for the rec