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Slaynoir Jun 11, 2021

I see then. Well, if you're into some more off the beaten path kinds of anime, here's a few suggestions you could start with!

A little bit of everything you're looking for in each I think? Something to start with anyways.

Slaynoir Jun 11, 2021

Heya, know this is random, but what kind of genre do you like most? I see you like quite a variation in your anime catagory. I typically enjoy the more obscure or lesser known anime that really should be main stream. :3 I find some main stream interesting, but if nothing else I drop ALOT of anime...

EvilSMores Mar 6, 2021

There are a few requirements before you can like a post.  I don't recall them exactly, but it's something along the lines of posting 10 comments, receiving 5 likes on your comments, and being on the site for at least a week.  Once that's done, you'll see the ♥Like button appear next to +Quote and Reply.  Though they removed the ability to like posts in the general forums and on people's forum pages a year or two ago, because they kind of hate shitposters like me.  You can still do it in the Anime, Manga, Site, and Entertainment discussion boards.

interregnum Mar 5, 2021

Heh, well, don't worry--I'm not terribly fussed about that kind of thing. Not that I don't appreciate the sentiment. It's always nice to know I haven't come off sounding like a massive, arrogant jerk. 

Or, well, that at least I haven't offended anyone by coming off lilke a massive, arrogant jerk.