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Jan 4, 2022

Really not sure exactly how to rate this show. I gave it a rather midling rating because it seems split into 2 shows running concurrently, the character development story and the monster-fighting story. The character story is honestly tense and tender, hot and cold, action and dialogue and, most of all, the driving force making this story worth watching. Unfortunately, it keeps getting interrupted by these monster-fighting commercials posing as stories. I'm not against stories about giant fighting robots although I do feel most of them seem to be poorly handled and catering to the 6-year-old audience. There are truly wonderful exceptions but this isn't one of them. The fighting scenes seem more 2 dimensional than the film it's printed on. I've only seen once where the human toll of the devastation was even addressed and it wasn't massive carnage but a single individual. Further, where this individual is supposedly part of the monster-fighting, it actually tied in closer to the character development and actually aided that story segment. The actual fighting isn't truly defined all the way through episode 8. Why are they trying to destroy all humanity? They seem to want to fight to stop destruction by the kaiju but don't even discuss how that destruction is ending so many lives. The monster fights seem more designed to sell interconnecting toys to small children and you can't terrorize children to get them to buy the toys so they can't address the massive loss of life meaning they devolve into commercials. The story of the characters is gripping and exciting but the fight commercials ruin the overall effect. This story doesn't know which way to go. They cover a topic like suicide which is way too adult for little kids but the monster fighting is clearly made for little kids. I personally have very conflicted feelings about the show because of its split personality plot but I still think it's worthwhile. There is something mesmerizing about the art, especially the eyes.

4/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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