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Greetings all,

Like many residents of Seattle, I work in our burgeoning technology industry. Currently, I'm a product manager for an internet company, but I've held numerous rolls that have included partner management, international marketing, and even analytical positions. In my free time, I keep really active spending probably more time than I'd care to admit at the gym, going out with friends, or pounding through marathon anime sessions.

Beyond that I've been blogging for a while and am the resident anime reviewer on so if you're looking for more stuff by the smugdude definitely give it a look.

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OmegaX01 Jun 13, 2008

I noticed in your list you started watching Burst Angel, I'd sugguest that if you are only 4 episodes in as you watching says that you stop and watch Burst Angel - Infinity-  as this OVA is actually a bit of Jo and Meg's past and will help you better under stand their characters and motivations. After watching the series then the OVA it helps to see the OVA first and it doesn't detract in the slightest when it comes to the Burst Angel series but adds to it a great deal.

VivisQueen Feb 25, 2008

Aw, thanks man! Appreciate the encouragement. :)

VivisQueen Jan 17, 2008

Probably a dorky thing to do, considering I've never really spoken to you before, but what the hey. Always wondered who on this site actually worked on it a lot, and now with the staff page we can finally find out. Love this place, so wanted to say thanks for all your work on it!

Lcn Jan 12, 2008

Very nice review of crest of the stars!

Kastrophee Dec 8, 2007

Glad I could help, I notice typos and I am compelled to report them or try to fix them. :p