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bobjoekaren Aug 27, 2015

Hey there Smitas and thanks for replying!

Gangsta and Overlord are solid choices for this summer's titles!

Gangsta definitely had a great opening in terms of intro song and series introduction episode! It still gets impressive later on, but that's completely up to you~

Overlord as well! Great opening song and introduction episode(s), but it does get a little stale towards the current episodes (8 episodes so far). It IS another VMMORPG "Trapped in a video game" genre, but it might be interesting for you as well!

I'd love to recommend you some titles, but you'll have to tell me your likes/dislikes in terms of genre, tropes, etc. ^^

That'll help me narrow down to some titles that I'd recommend that fits your criteria~

Even a simple list and/or examples will do too!

bobjoekaren Aug 25, 2015

Haha, but of course!

It's been awhile, but I hope you've been able to find Anime-Planet an enjoyable experience.

Watching any good titles lately? (:

bobjoekaren Aug 4, 2015

Hey there Smitas and welcome to Anime-Planet! :D

I'm glad to have you join us! I hope you can find all your anime/manga-related needs here!

I see you've already made quite a list! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to write back! ^^

Also whenever you have the time, I'd love to get to know your top anime titles!

Hope to hear from you soon and again, welcome to Anime-Planet!