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xoLynn May 25, 2022

I'm doing alright, yourself?

ilyanime May 25, 2022

hi hi :)) I'm doing good, thanks for asking!! My favorite animes would have to be One Piece, Nana, Monster and Great Pretender!! Have you watched those yet? If not, then these are my recommendations!! Happy Sugar Life has been on my watch later for a long time now, and since it is your favorite, I will try to watch it as soon as possible :D Have a good day/night!

Nana Hachi | Nana osaki, Nana manga, Nana

ilyanime May 24, 2022

Helo hello! How are you? Anything you want to share? Fav anime/manga? Have a good day/night!! - Tumbex

SilvySomni May 22, 2022

can't really say which ganre is my favorite, it is more aboue if the anime catches my intereste ^^ what about yours?