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ReviewBonfire Sep 8, 2021

Ah yeah sounds correct. Hohenheim did literarly nothing wrong in his whole Life, yet people are blaming him

Its kinda problematic, but always if you respond here, you have to write a notice about the context. Otherwise we don't know what the topic is

matrixen Sep 6, 2021

Hi! I take it you're talking about Izetta the last witch, which character looks like Kaiser Wilhelm II in your opinion? (It doesn't show me from which character page you replied to me off of)

ReviewBonfire Sep 6, 2021

"Might have something to do with how people so easily overlook subtle activity.  He walked all around the world, using his power to undermine the enemy, but since he appeared so inactive people will problably thing he was worthless."

Your text

And.. can I have the context please? I posted so many Reviews and Comments I have problems to understand