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While the name is a bit confusing as there's not a whole lot of Dragon-ish action, I think it has a more metaphorical means if nothing else. Sort of like 'swimming with sharks' almost. Regardless alot of storylines went on which then sorta dragged on and on with no real means of an end. This is also one of the very few anime that I've actually even finished out of my list of want to watches. 

I did enjoy the poltical tension and mind games. While it was sort of predictable near the end, I liked the over all concept of magic actually being science.  I would've preferred more in depth and explained (lol because why not) but I dunno, the whole idea with the chess pieces being set up in accordence to events was curious. That and wtf is with the furniture fetish?! Well whatever, it gave a otherwise particularly arrogant and bland character that was a a-hole some well placed humor at least. 

Personally, I think this does deserve a Season 2 but a better made plot and relations to other events. As someone who really enjoys story, I would love to see this be taken to another level of intrigue. That and the main character though, I have a weakness for specks. I may end up re-watching in a 50/50 level of interest, though it's hard to really say.

I'd suggest watching this for mind candy and simple storyline of borderline comatose thinking. Not that it's bad but more than anything, it had a good idea but failed to really set the whole story in a way that was really attention grabbing. I could write better fan-fiction than what most of went on in my defense. It had a lot of potential, it simply missed the mark in the end.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall
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