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GinTheGrin Feb 15, 2015

Yeah, you certainly have added, both Steins;Gate and Black Lagoon. If you want, you can also change the order in which these anime appear in your list. Just go to edit list and drag them so that they are arranged in the order in which you want them to appear. :) You think I'm kind? Thanks! ^^ I'll save this question for later, be prepared, it might pop up on your screen any day. :D

She is currently searching for good nursing colleges in US. You can talk to her, if you want, and maybe even help her. I think she would be delighted to have someone to talk about her field of study. You would also like it, wouldn't you? :)

No! I don't like maths! >< I am not good at it. I am studying mechanical engineering, and it has less to do with maths and more with physics, which is pretty good. Thanks for your wishes, Claudia! Ganbatte kudosai means 'please do your best', right? Thanks to you, I learned something new today. :) My exams will be over by the end of next week, but I can tell you the results even now. It's not going to be good, I haven't studied anything yet and probably won't be able to do so in time. And yet I'm pretty sure I'll do above average, which is not that bad but it's still below my expectations. 

So, which anime are you watching these days? Let me know if something great comes up, okay? 

GinTheGrin Feb 12, 2015

Hey Claudia!

Thanks, you are too kind! ^^

Well, I was talking about this list of yours. You haven't added Steins:Gate in this one. Yes, I've watched Black Lagoon, it is good, especially Second Barrage. If you want more recommendations you only need to ask me, that's all. Or you can just go through my 'Watched' list and pick anyone which I've rated 4.5 or above out of 5 stars. They are really good and I'm sure you would like it. :)

Don't worry, the world isn't going to end even if the Third World War happens this year. So, we can chat as long as you like. :D

Third best university of the country, great! Nursing sounds like a good field for a kind soul like you. :D I know of one more person on this site who wants to study nursing, AyshaShahanie. But she is probably younger than you, and looking for nursing colleges. I hope you fulfil your dream to travel to Japan, which also happens to be one of my dreams as well. My turn? Haven't I said everything in my bio/profile. If there is still something you might want to ask then please go ahead and ask. :)

Yeah, your username does sound good. I could never have realized it's the name of a talk show from a movie. I'll watch it once I get some time, my exams are starting from next week. 

zillatpg Feb 11, 2015

You’re welcome.

Also nice page.

GinTheGrin Feb 11, 2015

Hi SkylarkTonight! ^.^

First of all, I'm extremely sorry for the late reply. Please forgive me. :)

I'm really glad you liked Steins;Gate. And did you forget to add it to your Anime Top Ten? When I watched Steins;Gate I didn't know there was a movie as well. I have it watched pretty recently, I think it was one month ago. Also, now that you have watched Steins;Gate, why don't you give a try to my other recommendations. 

I completely agree with your opinion about all the characters. All of them were made so great, you cannot just hate anyone. Well, good luck with your investigation on that matter. I hope you do find some interesting things. Don't forget to share it with me if you find something, okay? :D

By the way, I just realized I don't know anything about you since you haven't added a bio. And I didn't even ask! Anyway, you can tell me now. :) So, what do you do? Are you studying? What are you studying? Please tell me everything! Your username 'SkylarkTonight', it's from the movie 'The Interview', right? Is that movie good, I haven't watched it yet. But I would if it's really good.

GinTheGrin Jan 25, 2015

Alright! I'll look forward to your reaction to my recommendations. :)