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All of my reviews are free of spoilers.

Most recent reviews: Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Gangsta

Recent review updates (improvements): FMA: Brotherhood (a bit more detail), Death Parade (reduction in story and overall ratings), Mnemosyne (slight overall and story reduction)

Upcoming reviews: Norogami/Norogami Aragoto, Rewrite of Paranoia Agent (once I rewatch it)

Currently watching: Claymore, Samurai Champloo, JoJo's Bizarre Aventures (2012), New Game!, Cromartie High School

Watching soon: Code Geass, Evangelion rewrites (1.11, 2.22, etc.), 11eyes, Fate Zero, Tokyo Ghoul, Resonance in Terror

Rewatching/rewatching soon: Paranoia Agent

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Review breakdown:

My review philosophy is to be concise and give a basic reasoning for my thoughts without spoilers so that the viewer can decide whether or not to watch it. I try to make them readable in under 10 minutes so that the reader will have some background rather than just jump right into the first episode. For this reason, certain complicated or spoiling information may be left out so if you are curious for more detail with regard to why I thought a certain way about a show please leave a comment. I also enjoy a good, friendly discussion about anime so if you disagree with my review or feel that I've missed something let me know.

My ratings are a bit different than most because I also score emotional impact and give bonus points for creativity and humour. These are three areas that I feel make a big difference in the enjoyability of the show. My overall scores are not averages, they are what I arrive at after taking all of the categories into account as well as exactly what the show was aiming for. Usually they will fall directly in the middle between story and characters except in rare cases. I also avoid reviewing shows from genres that I don't really care for because it skews my ratings a bit.

Keep in mind that I consider a 5/10 to be mediocre but still decent (not some horrible rating) so my reviews may land a bit below most regular reviewers, although they will usually be above especially critical people.

What my ratings translate to:

1/10-Unspeakable. There is nothing good about it. This so awful that the reason it exists at all cannot be understood by mortals.

2/10-Horrible. The bad so drastically outweighs the good that there is no reason you should subject yourself to it.  

3/10-Bad. You might get a little bit out of it, but it will be stupid and a waste of time.

4/10-Slightly poor. Best to wait on this one unless the premise sounds really interesting to you. It either has little going for it and is slightly flawed, or has a good premise and is highly flawed. There's reasonable entertainment value, but it's pretty dumb overall. 

5/10-Mediocre. Enjoyable, but nothing special about it. If you find the premise interesting then go for it. Otherwise, you're not really missing out on much.

6/10-Slightly good. There's a little bit extra here to set it apart from similar shows and it's worth a watch. It still isn't something I'd highly recommend though.

7/10-Good. Would recommend watching if the premise appeals to you. Shows that receive this rating might have moderate flaws, but are otherwise very good.

8/10-Very good. You'd do well to watch it even if it isn't normally your thing. These shows are solid, they stand out from the crowd and are exceptionally good even if they have some downsides.

9/10-Outstanding. A must-watch for everybody unless you specifically dislike something about it. Flaws are minor. The story, characters, animation, and sound are brought together harmoniously and they usually have well-presented philosophical/societal messages. 

10/10-Masterpiece. Everybody who likes its genre should like the show. Shows of this rating are excellent in all categories and any flaws would be small and nitpicky. As of yet, I have only found Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG, and Steins;Gate to meet these standards. I don't consider a 10 to actually be a perfect score, I just consider it to be one where a show is truly exceptional. 

For shows that I haven't directly reviewed yet, the star ratings are rounded up. For example 9.5/2=4.75, so five stars. 

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Elegast May 13, 2016


Just passing by to say I can highly recommend Ergo Proxy. I think it's underrated and I'm trying to spread the good word. :p

thecrimsonclaw Jan 23, 2016

Ouran is great! It's a nice deconstruction of harems and it's pretty funny as well haha.

(Wow, this reply was fucking late).

Kurona May 10, 2015

Well actually, I'm a fan of plutia. She's my favorite character in the anime. (y)

thecrimsonclaw Mar 20, 2015

I hardly sleep actually. Sometimes I only get 4 hours of sleep haha.

And that's a very nice collection! =P

And that's so damn sweet! =P I'll upload a picture of my collection sometime soon if you're interested =P

I'll give comments on your Psycho Pass review tomorrow when I'm more free as well! 

thecrimsonclaw Mar 19, 2015

If you think that's bad I'm also juggling a girlfriend who I see every day and practically live with, and some live action shows I watch too.

Well, I have quite a lot of figures. First of all my small ones. I've got a bunch of chibi figures, which are the main cast of "Naruto", as well as some Akatsuki members. Then I have a Nendroid of Kirito, Asuna and Silica from "Sword Art Online", which are limited editions. Then I have limited edition "Tales of Symphonia" figures that came with the collectors edition of "Tales of Symphonia Chronicles" for the Playstation 3. Those are small, but very nice. Then there's my big pieces. I've got a figure of Ace from "One Piece" which is pretty shoddy, but otherwise decent for the price I paid. Then I had a limited edition figure of Moneky D. Luffy, in his "One Piece Film Z" outfit. Then I've got a Lucy Heartfillia figure from "Fairy Tail", a limited edition figure of Ludger Will Kresnik from the game "Tales of Xillia 2" and an Asuna statue from "Sword Art Online" that is my pride and joy.

So yeah... That's them all I think. I'd have more, but a lot of shows I like don't have many figures or any at all... Kinda sucks. How about you? Any notable ones?

I'll try and get a photo next time I'm at my house (I'm staying with my girlfriend at the moment), if you'd like to see them =P

And sure thing! I'll have a look and drop some feedback! I'll probably write my own one soon as well.