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Hmm , yes , the floor here is made out of floor anime.

 My YouTube channel :


The only and the absolute Husbando :

Rill Boismortier , from Black Clover


 My top 4 waifus :


Ultimate waifu : 

 Miou Aida , from Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart

2. Asia Argento , from High School DxD

3. Chihiro Yoshioka , from Gleipnir

4. Maki Oze , from Fire Force


Best anime OST imo 




My Top 4 Openings :


1. Black Clover Opening 9


2. Bungou Stray Dogs Opening



3. Another Opening


4. Angels of Death Opening



My top 3 anime teachers :


1. Franken Stein , from Soul Eater


2. Glenn Radars , from Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor


3. Komoe Tsukuyomi , from A Certain Magical Index

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SecretOtaku Sep 24, 2020

Glad you enjoyed my reccommendations :D Kenji is so cute and his fluffy personality in comparison to his ability is interesting lol.  Akugawata would probably be my second favourite character, his desire for Dazai's attention/praise is his main fueling I would say, and I enjoy watching this character as he sort of has this jealousy for Atsushi.  Overall the Bungo Stray Dogs visuals are breathtaking, storyline is both unqiue and entertaining and the characters are so beautifully designs and are an array of unique personalities!  I am also very proud of the development many of them underwent, especially Atsuhi,  from self-loathing to being able to recognise his worth and further help others like kiyoka.  

SecretOtaku Sep 13, 2020

Ohh I see ~ I think I might check that out then.  Say, what do you think of Bungo Stray Dogs?  Favourite characters?  Mine is ~Chuuya Nakahara~ So, unfortunately, I cannot see the video because it is not available in my county :"< I tried searching it up manually but I only saw fanmade videos and the music (Not the visuals).  but I must say, the music for the OP is, indeed, easily one of the better songs I have heard! 

Romance Anime

1. Ao Haru Ride/Blue Spring Ride

2. i want to eat your pancreas

(you might cry though-)

3. omoi omoware furi furare

(the anime hasn't come out yet but it will in the future, there is a manga right now)

4. ouran high school host club

5. rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai. 

6. the anthem of the heart

7. tsukigakirei

8. your lie in april

(you may cry for this as well, i did :"<)

9. wotakoi love is hard for otaku

10. Your Name

~ ~ ~

Hope you like ~ !  Out of the ones I reccommend, Whisker Away is still my favourite romance anime tho~

SecretOtaku Aug 31, 2020

no problem!  Plus, I enjoyed explaining anyway :D my school is actually starting now, hence why I replied late.  I am watching Full Metal Alchemist (then later, I will go on to watch Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood) and I am also watching Btooom!(which I also already finished the manga of), when they cry, hybrid child (but I think I am going to drop it soon) and the millionaire detective balance unlimited ^^ Oh!  I recently finished watching something called papa to kiss in the dark, by the title, I am sure you can guess what it is about, I didn't really know what I am expecting by watching this and maaan, it was horrible (*-*  )

As for reading, well, I have finish reading nekota no koto ga ki ni natte shikatanai, which was a light hearted and fun shoujo manga, kondo koso shiawase ni narimasu, I thought it was a classic isekai story (which in some ways it was), but it made me cry alot suprisingly.  Also, I think I have already mentioned that Imawa no Kuni no Alice  is my favourite manga, but now, sharing the spot of a favourite manga is tokyo revengers, it is a shounen and the art is gorgeous once I got invested into the story, I love the character design.  I binged read it up until the available chapter until, around, 2am and no regrets!  Another manhwa I started, that I would like to mention is How to fight, a very pleasent action story, I like it alot so far!

Also, I am also starting to read a book called No Longer Human by Dazai Osamu, it is deemed the second best selling book in Japan, I am reading the english translation and it is quite interesting!  I found it through countless mentions of ths book in anime/manga I seen, how it was really interesting and psychological it was, so I got curious and decided to read it.  So far, it lives up to the hype!

Ooh, what is Ace Attorney about?  And what do you think of it so far (E.G. enjoyment)? 

Also, do you like the heartwarming romance genre? Because I recently watched A whisker away, which was an adorable and beautiful movie, which I do reccommend watching!

Neptune001 Aug 30, 2020

I love black clover!!

Asta is my favorite character and I like black bulls. Asta is amazing and really inspiring. I always laugh out when he exclaims his love for sister lilly. I hope he ends with noelle. He has 5 clovered grimoire and it's crazy that no one can recognize it except the demons!😅  I really hope he becomes the sorcerer king.

I also like yami and he should end up with Charlotte. Yami is the real man.

Neptune001 Aug 29, 2020

Thanks for the follow back!

When you left a comment saying go die on koichi character page, I felt that!! 😥😭🤧

Nice to meet ya, brother! You have my respects!

P.S - your bio is amazing!