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My Hero Academia

May 4, 2021

Let me start off by saying that this is one of my favorite animes, and one of my favorite shows in general. It's one of those things that I think even people who are reluctant to get into anime should try out. 


the basic premise of the story is that a majority of people are born with superpowers, which the show calls "quirks", creating those who make a living as heros and those who try to cheat the system by becoming villains. Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku, was born without an ounce of superhuman abilities despite having big dreams of making it as a hero. His goal is to enroll in U.A. High, one of the world's most prestigous hero schools, but the course material and even entrance exam are notoriously hard to pass. Deku finds a mentor in his idol, the number one pro hero All Might, and grows his abilities until he can get what he wants.

Overall, this show had excellent pacing and consistently interesting storylines that drew me in and kept me hooked. It's truly hard not to binge multiple episodes in one sitting, and I'll admit, I've given into tempation nearly countless times. It doesn't only focus on the main character's development and growth of his power, but on the other character's advancement and everyone's relationship with each other. And it's great that it's remarkably low on filler; even the filler-esk episodes are enteratining and end up tying into the main storyline, almost reminiscient of those one-shot character scenarios that we've all probably read at some point. All the arcs have solid resolotions and strong impact on the rest of the story. As for tropes, this series tends to stray away from some of the most well-knwon cliches, sometimes even poking fun at them, and leaves out a good portion of fanservice. Lastly, this series drives home messages of belonging and persistance that are almost as strong as our heros themselves!


I've said it loads of times; I'm absolutly in love with this art style. All the character designs are unique and memorable, the scenary and details rarely overlooked. And as a superhero anime, this is incredibly difficult; the frequent battle scenes make attention to detail and fluidity of animation a challenge. Yet MHA manages to do it anyway. All the fights stand out from each other and manage to stay nearly seamless and chock full of little additions whilst being dramatic and intense. The show makes escellent use of the character's quirks and makes every display of power, for lack of a better term, super cool. Hell, even the intros and outros manage to be impressively done and things you don't want to miss. starting out with badass displays of power and sometimes finishing with wholesome moments or extra art that adds to the experiance.


All the VA's, in both the subtitled original and the English dubbed version, go the extra mile for this series. Excellent audio quality and immensely talented perfomers fill the episodes. The themes and music bits commonly used throughout scenes are usually well placed and are easily recognized and loved. The intro and outro songs change every so often, the intros usually filled with crazy-sounding music and powerful vocals and the outros either peppy or a softer, sweeter interlude. I can't really pick a favorite, but the one titled "Polaris" is definitly up there in my most favorite anime openings. (POTENTIAL SLIGHT SPOILER WARNING) And the festival arc? That song they performed had me dancing right along.


Even if you don't favor the animation or don't really take a liking to the sound or storyline, characters are one thing you gotta agree MHA does very well. This series is chock-full of them, from Deku's school buddies and teachers at U.A. to terrifying villains and various pro heros. Even our heros' FAMILIES get some time in the spotlight (Inko Midoriya is Best Mom, and no one can convince me otherwise!). Like I mentioned in the animation portion, everyone has unique, colorful and clever designs that make it easy to tell them apart or spot them in a crowd. And their costumes? Absolutly cosplay-worthy. Their quirks, too, are creative and go far beyond the traditional "super strengh, super speed" powers. Even quirks similar to these have a little twist to them! Most everyone has a full personality and complex motivations and relationships, something that I've seen trip up other shows with multiple focal characters. Character development is quite strong and extends to even the more minor characters. There are so many lovable, lovable people in this, so many backstories and plot lines that you'll want to cheer for. MHA really makes you relate to and become invested in its leads, so expect some shouting and tears (as well as some cameos of our heros as really, really cute babies).

All in all, My Hero Academia has become a favorite and a classic amongst my friends and I, as well as multitudes of others. A show with bright colors and flashy visuals, engaging storylines and epic music, it's hooked even someone like me with a short, short attention span. An intense and powerful series, it contains dark and heavy moments, emotionally fraught and terrifyingly gripping scenes, but manages to make things light with humor and heart and hijinks. The more I watch, the more apparent it becomes that MHA is made with love, as well as its fair share of explosions, and I believe that if you like anything superhero-themed and have a penchant for school life anime, My Hero Academia will soon cement itself as a favorite; besides, who doesn't like a good blown-up building or two? (looking at you, Bakugo) 

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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