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Hello fellow weebs, how do you do?

This is just my little corner of the internet where I watch anime and get recommendations. I got out of it for a few years, but now I'm back to my weeby endeavors and more hyped than ever. I'm actively on the lookout for new anime to watch, and very open to recommendations. I like comedy, slice of life, shounen, and whatever genre Yuuri On Ice was. I used to have beyond shit taste in anime, and quite frankly I have to admit that it has not improved.

Unrelated to the weeb shit, I like Legend of Zelda, Marvel (more specifically, the MCU), Adventure Time, ATLA, and the first 4 seasons of Voltron (shame it got cancled before s5, right?). I'm way too active in fanculture, and I do have an Ao3 account where I occasionally post fanfiction, much to my dismay. I'm not entirely sure why any of this is relevant, but here it is.

I hope you enjoy my profile, and if you have any recs let me know. Have a marvelous day, you funky little otaku.

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Alebord Apr 9, 2017

Hi!! ^^

Welcome to Anime-Planet! Hope you enjoy your time here!  :3

You should definitely check out the freshly reopened forum! Click here to see the forum! ^-^

If you got any questions or just want to have a chat, feel free to write me back!

Nya ~