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My name is Matt but most people just call me Silent.  I am fairly new to anime and just started getting into it July, 2015.  I always love to meet new people!

I would love to hear what suggestions/ recomendations you have for any anime / managa that you think I should watch / read.

I am also a gamer so feel free to add me on steam if you'd like.     

I am a WECO Supporter, and I am happy to Welcome new members and hopefully become good friends! :D

I am now a member of the Girls Gamer Club :D

I am part of the Best Friends Club and would like to make many new friends!


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pitsikou Mar 20, 2020

Hello SilentKiller,

Never got to read your welcoming message. Hope you too enjoy your experience in A-P! 

Best wishes

Weebospotted Aug 19, 2019

Hey i have a question how do you read manga on this app i just cant seem to find a way to read it ;-;

Roonexa Jun 26, 2018

How can I read manga here? Can you help me plz 

melinanime Jul 11, 2017

Thank you :)

Sianeka Jan 24, 2017

SilentKiller says...  Thank you, I will let you know if I become less busy in the future and have time to start welcoming new members again.    I hope it will be soon *Fingers crossed*

Me too, because I'd love to have you back.  But, as I said before, no rush - comeback when you are ready.  WECO isn't going away.