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[Review at Chapter 70]

I quite like it, a nice mix of casual goofing around, showing how OP the MC and his harem is, and well a large chunk of "intimate" scenes. 


Nothing amazing, but it works. Hero wins and reappears 50 years later to do whatever he wants, pretty much retiring. He goes around picking up and "enjoying" women, and living his life. Explores many places, a lot of links back to his hero days as well as discovering and establishing world building elements (world building also isn't anything amazing, but it works). 


It is alright, maybe not 8/10 but I haven't seen many mangas of this genre with good art so I put it as 8/10. Though there is some funky looking art of MC sometimes


Very basic characters, pretty 2 dimensional but I haven't had any issue with it. MC is self centred and just wants to enjoy his life and his women (which he is quite protective of), and won't do much if it isn't for women (sometimes he is a bit of a creep, so that may be a "turn off", for lack of better term, for some). Each of his harem members are a bit of an archetype Mature/In Charge, Tsundere/M, Innocent/Shy, etc. All of them are very attached to MC (romantically and s*xually), and also are strong enough to protect themselves (usually)


I don't really have any issues that often plague these types, little to no NTR bait, although sometimes stripped (clothes/armour destroyed) by enemies there is only a single time from memory where they are groped or the sort (Around Chapter 60 the kraken grabs 2 of them for a short period). 

In regards to MC's women (harem and fling) only once do any of them have any s*xual relations shown (2 random women were captured by goblins, he saved them then consensually "enjoyed" them). And for those who care many are not "maidens" by the time MC has them as far as I can tell. 

Also another review mentioned bad translation, although sometimes a little lacklustre the translation I read had no issues. 


To me this was a pretty good basic OP MC harem, nothing outstanding but there isn't any issues with NTR and the sort

5/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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