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Tamayura: More Aggresive centers around the 5 teenagers Potte, Maon-chan, Kao-tan, Norie-chan and the newest addition to the group, Kanae-sempai. It is depicted to their daily life and school activities, but unless the first season of the series, focusses more strongly on Pottes newly found photography club and her activities bond to it.

Compared to the first season, wich was ultra-slow-paced, this one seems supersonic compared to that, even though it is still pretty slow. However, since it is focussing on the photography club it manages to tell about more events connected to it, hence giving the impression of always having something going on.

The story is still not as deep or progressing as a slice of life could have it, but it has noticeably improved.

Animation and Sound

The concept here has barely changed compared to season one: the music is still as fittingly slow-paced as before and the sceneries are fittingly pale.

Progress has been made on Maon-chans whistling. It sound better now and hence is less annoying. Also, even though that might be my imagination, the overall anime seems to have become more colorful without ruining the mood it gives.


What was good for the story, namely centering on one character rather than many, had its good and bad influences on the character development.

First things first, even though the second season does introduce new characters, they play, except Kanae-sempai, barely any role. Through them we do, however, learn a little more about Pottes father and the Maestro.

The way Kanae-sempai seemed so similiar to Potte had me worried at first, but due to the more focussed and active plot both of them had their chance to actually make noticeable progress. The downside of this is, that the rest of the main cast hasn't progressed at all.

Should you watch this?

If you were able to enjoy the first season, you will probably enjoy this one even more. So, yes it is.

If you have not watched the first season, don't sweat it. You actually don't have to to get what's going on. The anime takes it's time to reminiscent the most important things of the first season. There weren't many.

I still have to say, that this anime, despite being less slow-paced than the first season, is still pretty slow. If you enjoy slice of life and/or the passion for photography and don't mind if things are idle, you should be able to enjoy this one.

6.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall

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