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Wake Up, Girls!

May 24, 2017


The Wake-Up Girls, an idol group of the small countryside agency Green Leaf Entertainment, is a group of seven young girls, that for very different reason aim to becoming idols.

If you haven't seen the first movie explaining their background, you will find yourself a little confused as to what is going on. The president of GLE has vanished with the funds of the company, hence leaving Manager Matsuda-san and the girls in a difficult situation.

He then falls for some false guy offering them jobs more than questionabe for girls their age, unwillingly teaching the girls how harsh showbiz can be.

During the anime the seven of them have to face various problems concerning them all or but one of them. Overcoming them, they grow closer together and become a notweworthy group of idols.

All in all it's a moving and heartwarming story that is being told. And that is what slice of life should be doing.

Animation and Sound

The Animations look fine. When they sing and dance on stage it looks fluid and vivid. Also the audience during the festival is animated nicely.

Regardless of my own taste for music I'll have to say that all of the songs featured here are pretty good, with one having made it to my mp3-player. Other than that a well job has been done.


The good thing about the girls of WUG is, that all of them seem like you could meet persons like them anywhere anytime. They are normal girls facing normal problems. And that has been done so well, that it sticks out. All of them are loveable in their very own way.

Matsuda-san, their manager, is a little wishy-washy so you might end up being concerned if he can handle his job in the future. FLE's president, Tange-san, seems irresponsible at first, but in the end manages to get WUG out of trouble and back to doing real idol work again. She's a bit rough, but as seen in the anime it seems to be just that what it takes to survive in showbiz.

Also, there were no needlessly annoying characters. Hayasaka-san seems over the top at first when it comes to strictness, but once you understand what he's doing you might find yourself liking him more than you want.

Should you watch this?

Taking WUG as it is, a slice of life about idols, it has done a lot of things right and has no major flaws. It was interesting, heartwarming and a little tearjerking to follow the girls on their journey to becoming professional idols. If you are into such things you will not regret it.

However, you might find yourself bored if slice of life isn't usually your thing. And this anime is slice of life more than anything else. It is still worth a try, but don't expect to be amazed.

8.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8/10 overall

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