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Really love the character development and progression. Someone devoid of emotions becomes the most real person with authentic feelings I have ever seen. She can't say it out loud but her writing is the best I ever read. She can be formal, yet she can also be genuine. Someone who was once straightforward and clueless became a famous amanuensis. Just look at her from the first time she typed and now is the biggest juxtaposition I have ever seen.

I promise you that the limited interactions between Violet and Major are one of the best if they were to ever be adapted. Violet has grown so much and it actually makes readers feel pride and joy at her positive change. She was so emotionless, needed instruction, and couldn't live alone but after years of interactions, she grew up and matured. She had made such a tremendous impact on those letters she wrote, always polite to both the young and the old addressing them with the proper etiquette and even to the most deplorable of people and trying to relate to them. It even taught me that although technology advance, it came at the sacrifice of cultivating writers like violet as letter becomes obsolete and rare with phones around.

This story teaches us so many lessons. She is still trying to forgive herself of her sins, needing someone there whenever she falters and that someone has adamantly made it clear that he will do so. Instead of blaming herself, she accepted her past, moves on, and strives to help others, never killing again. Her backstory was much more gruesome in the novel. Everyone makes mistakes but that doesn't mean we are held back by them or don't deserve forgiveness as long as we repent. Listening to sincerely in the background.

Although part of the anime plot changed, I wasn't a fan of how the last episode was changed to his brother instead, it did lead to a relatively awesome movie so we'll take it with a grain of salt. They also procured the awesome episode 10 well. There are still 2 full volumes to cover and side stories so there is still much potential to be had.

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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