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Nov 1, 2020

This is really brilliant and just keeps improving with each chapter. Now this is expected because it is charcter-driven story and once the characters grow upon you your enjoyment in the story will keep increasing.

The artist did an amazing job. The art is great but what is even better is the character's expressions. They elevate the story to a whole new level.

The author keeps expanding the world yet it never gets boring. I like almost each and every character from this webtoon.

Con: The initial few chapters are not that great. The only thing which had me keep going was the fact that its rated 9.92/10 on webtoon. Its the highest rated show so I knew it would be good. 15 chapters in, I started to like the webtoon and 25 chapters in I was in love with it.

9.7/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
9.9/10 overall

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