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Sarika777 Sep 8, 2022

Yeah i got to know it yesterday. Buy thanks for telling me.. 

Sarika777 Sep 6, 2022

I am new here.i can't read any can i read them.can someone pls help me. 🥺😔

chibara Jan 15, 2022

Hello and thanks for asking!

Imho you dont have to watch Night Head genesis and just watch this one. :3

But if you really want to know the difference between the two you can watch whichever first you like :3 but like I said on my review, watch the 1st one with 2x playback speed so as not to bore you ^^;

Rebunya Oct 16, 2021

It's pretty much the same, as they had to start over with different artist and publisher. Compared to LN this version is more accurate though. Overgeared related stuff. 

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Harry14 Dec 24, 2020

And where can I get 'they live in the princess's flower garden'??