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interregnum Jan 27, 2019

I just watched I Want to Eat Your Pancreas.

Can...can I have a hug?

interregnum Jan 26, 2019

Yeah, it's a lot easier to buy things when you have money. I mean, that's been my experience, at least. 

Do you have a specific car in mind? New...used...?

And where are you looking for your new job? I'm picturing you as a construction worker. 

...okay, technically I'm just picturing you in a contruction worker hat. 

So, like, if you get a job at a book store, you gave to wear a construction worker hat just so I can picture you working. Deal?

interregnum Jan 25, 2019

'Sup, m'dear?

So...interviews. GIVE MY BESTIE A JOB!!!

The leak stuff is done, insofar as the kitchen has been finished. Now I'm paranoid about every drop of water in the house. So...that's fun.

I've been watching a lot of anime, but typically just the currently-airing stuff--which is something I'm startign to think I should do less of. I miss the ol' binge, y'know? And I have SO MANY shows in my backlog. (I've started downloading them so I have them available whenever I want, rather than trusting that they'll still be around to stream, when I get to them.) 

I'm reading a lot, though. Which is nice. I'm catching up on Anonymous Noise, at the moment, and then I'll be off onto a yuri series that's been great, so far. I should read moe. 

I should a-lot-of-things more.

interregnum Jan 22, 2019 cold was it, yesterday, bestie?

interregnum Jan 13, 2019

And I have missed you, my dear! 

To answer your question: yes, a leak that we didn't know was a leak until it leaked through the ceiling--which had probably been leaking for MONTHS--did more than enough to cause all of that. It...well, let's just say I'm not hoping to have to deal with that ever again.

Everything has been so very, very hectic. I'd like the universe to maybe grab a soda and relax on the couch for awhile. 

Tell me something wonderful and fun, Kiyo-chan.