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interregnum Feb 8, 2019

Well, I'm...actually, I am enjoying the winter season. I'm watching 4 shows (all romantic comedy-type), and the worst one is still one I'm having fun with. 

Boogiepop is horror, right? That's not usually my bag. (I watched the original, waaaaay back when, and didn't enjoy it.) On the other hand, I've gotten back to watching things from my backlog, and Occult Academy seems like it's going to be fun. I liked the first episode. Of course, it's a little bit goofy, rather than straight-horror.

It's raining. Make the raining stop. 

interregnum Feb 2, 2019

So, basically, this is the best day, right?

CONGRATS, MY DEAR!!! I didn't even know you comissioned art. That's so cool!

And then there's your new job--at last! So exciting. What is it, hmmmmmm? What's my Kiyo gonna be doing?

And...okay, this is driving me nuts--where is this from?

I know I've seen this ending!

Maybe I can suss it out...

The animation is great. Probably KyoAni. So let's search KyoAni show endings, and...

Ah! It's from Hyouka. I knew I recognized it!

interregnum Jan 31, 2019

Your gif is from Yuru Camp--and if you are on a cutesy streak and haven't watched Yuru Camp, WATCH YURU CAMP. It's the most pleasant relaxing anime ever. I think I watched the whole season with the same serene grin on my face. It's great.

Or you can do whatever you feel like doing. That's also good. (Though...if you need cute recommendations...)

But, yes--how about that sudden blizzard, huh? That was nuts! It lasted, like, an hour, by me, but people in my office were freaking out! SOme of them left early because of the snowfall. And I thought to myself, "It's probably gonna stop before we have to leave. And it should be easier to get home safely, at that point." And it did stop--and it was easier. (I feel bad for the folks who left early b/c you couldn't see two feet out the window, so I don't know how they drove anywhere.)

Stay warm, though, my dear. 

interregnum Jan 30, 2019

Mornin', Kiyo-chan!

interregnum Jan 29, 2019

Ha! No, not about cannibalism. It's about a girl who's got something wrong with her pancreas and is dying from it. She tells the boy she hangs out with that she wants to eat his pancreas--jokingly--because some cultures believe that eating a healthy organ will fix your sick organ.

It's a very sad movie. 

I kind of loved it. 

Thank you for the hug. 

Kiyo-chan is best bestie.