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HKBattosai Jan 9, 2019

Hello and thanks for the follow. A few things worth mentioning:

  1. Archery is awesome! We have a really nice tournament/display of it at our state Renaissance festival
  2. Fun list of favorite animals
  3. I really like the future career choice!!
  4. Thanksgiving is my favorite as well, followed by Halloween. Christmas is one of my favorites because of time spent with family and friends, but it's my least favorite when it comes to the commercialization of it.


interregnum Jan 3, 2019

Oh, dear Kiyo-chan, I have been having rather a stressful last several weeks. And my Christmas/New Year's break was no exception. So, nothing utterly terrible, but certainly several things far more annoying and inconvenient and flat-out aggrevating than could be considered normal. (For example: a leak destroyed my kitchen, and it took 8 weeks to redo the whole thing--which also meant we lost access to all the adjacent rooms, too, as they ripped out the walls and such. So, kitchen/dining area/living room all got moved into the den. And the workers were there EVERY DAY FOR WEEKS AND WEEKS early in the morning.)

And there was a bunch of other stuff, too, but we don't need to get into any of it. Let's focus on the positive! 

Like how I got the Spider-Man video game, for Christmas--and it's super-fun!

How have you been? Has looking for a new job been rough? Whatcha been up to in the last few months? DID YOU INVENT A TIME MACHINE?!

interregnum Dec 25, 2018



I hope you have a happy and festive day, tomorrow--or a relaxed and peaceful one, depending on how you like to handle your December 25th. 

interregnum Dec 10, 2018


I was literally planning to send you a message, today. YOU READ MY MIND.

How are you, my dear? How have you been?

interregnum Aug 27, 2018

You know, anime's almost ogtten too popular, because I bought a bunch of manga and light novels, a while ago, assuming that they would be rare finds. But now I see that EVERYTHING coming to US bookstores, and now I'm even more cluttered with books I haven't read yet than I ever have been.

That said: the EROMANGA SENSEI manga series is coming to the US!!!