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So lets get right to it!

I have NEVER played the games, and have no desire to, and someone had pointed out that this is related to the mobile games. So if I write more reviews about the FATE series, just know its based off the anime alone.

Lets start off with descriptions of everything going on (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Story was easy enough to follow. Though I dont really understand the sciency stuff FATE seems to have going for or magic science or whatever. Its a bit complex for me. HOWEVER, the story was easy to keep up with, the purpose behind Chaldea was very easy to understand, and why everything was happening was also explained well enough. The only questions I really have left are 1: Why did Saber go evil? Was she actually evil? and 2: Why is Professor Leff evil? Why is he trying to destroy the world? Seeing how this movie and others related to the "Grand Order" series will most likely follow the mobile games, I feel like if I gain access the the rest of the anime that follows this movie, then I will have the answers to some of my questions

Of course I'd give it high scores! Its a FATE anime. Although thats not for ALL fate series... *Side eyes Last Encore* In my opinion of course. And as always I look super forward to the fight scenes. It did NOT disappoint! I dont know much about the studio this round, but I enjoyed all of the special effects and fluidity that was shown

Bout as typical for an anime as you can get, I didnt catch anything lagging or anything bad. I dont really know how to rate this as I dont usually find fault with sound all that often in my anime that I watch

Lets go one by one
Ritsuka: Honestly? Kind of forgettable as a main character, heck I cant even remember his name 90% of the time cuz its almost NEVER said. Doesnt help that I have a poor memory but ya know? Hes not really all that good and is kind of pathetic, gains ground in the last fight, etc. Typical character spheal right?
Mash: One, I LOVE her name! Two shes a hybrid of a human and servant? Thats possible?? Can we PLEASE get this explained???? Also does she have a thing for Ritsuka or is that just me? And she also had just a bit more personality than our main protagonist as well, but not really by much. IDK I loved her more than Ritsuka anyways.
Romani: I like him! Hes goofy but dependable and just feels like a fun guy to be around. Also his hair and outfit have nice color contrast lolz 
Olga: I really didnt care for her at first, but I think thats intentional, you then start to side with her as she takes a backseat of our protagonist duo, which was nice, she felt like support. Not overbearing but a complete ass at the same time. Her end though? OOF. That... That was cruel.... I just... Yeah no I feel bad for her now....
Caster: I was watching him, recognizing the voice and then realized, HOLY CRAP THATS LANCER FROM ONE OF THE OTHER FATES! And as he "dies" he asks to come back as Lancer :/ Like. I knew this. BUT WHY WERE YOU IN A MOVIE YEARS AFTER THE ANIME CAME OUT??? Fate and their order of what to watch is still terrible I see. But I digress. Caster was awesome and fun to watch. He was witty and fast on his feet and a good support when needed. Sad to see him go at the end but rules be rules

Overall I do hope to continue this series of FATE as it fits the FATE I know and loved with the original series. I am honestly curious to see what the next, what was it, seven? Irregularities hold and what kind of servants they will run into next. Also how many more Saber (King Arthur style) are we going to run into? There are so many of her now XD

Thanks for reading!

8/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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