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皆さん、おはようございます。 - Minna-san, ohayou gozaimasu.

私の名前はぎでおんです。 - Watashi no namae wa Gideon desu.

Hello everyone.

My name is Gideon.

About Me

I have a wide array of genres that I follow, everything from Horror to Slice of Life.  The only genres I generally don't enjoy are Ecchi, Fanservice, Harem, Reverse Harem, and Comedies.

I am studying Psychology and am particularly interested in Motivation.  As such I place a great emphasis on motivation when it comes to my anime.  I need to know why a character is doing something, he needs to have a reason for his actions and decisions.  The only time I excuse a character not having an apparent reason, is when the mystery surrounding it is part of the story.

I frequently review anime and I am always looking at and listening to what people ask me to review.  So feel free to comment on my page and ask me to review an anime I have seen, or to watch and review an anime I haven't.

When I'm watching and just finished watching an anime, I give it a star rating based on my enjoyment of the series, this is not the same as my review rating based on my analysis of the anime.

The Current State of Things

Please feel free to request reviews!

I will finally be able to get some reviews done.  I haven't been a deadweight, as my viewing page shows, and will be doing so e reviews as the spring season's anime begin coming to a close.  This season has been a pretty good one, with only a few anime that I've dropped.

However, with the end of a season, comes the usual issue I face every time: What anime shoukd I wztch in the new season?  I have a couple on my want to watxh list, but I'm largely unsure.  If you have any suggestions or requests, please send them!

My Review Style

I have recently decided on a format for my reviews, and I will be revisiting reviews I made prior to using this format in order to bring them to par with this model.  My reviews tend to be very analytical, I look not at how much I enjoyed the anime, though that does make part of it, but at how well the anime was executed and how well the different elements I find important play into the overall quality of the anime.


Here I give a short introduction to my review, saying something about the anime.


Here I review the story/plot of the anime, looking at the different elements I consider  important to the story.  I also look at the way the story was depicted in the anime in terms of  scene positioning and execution.


This title differs depending on the genre.  Essentially I look at what makes the story fall into  the genre it is listed at, how those elements are incorporated into the story, and how they are  depicted within the anime.


Here I look at how balanced the story and its depiction is.  Wether the story focuses too  heavily on gore, drama etc. or if it carefully balances it out to present you with a combination  of elements to make the story exciting and easy to watch (unless otherwise required for the  goal of the anime).


By surprise I don’t mean jump scares or ‘o shit’ moments.  I mean how does the story keep  you watching from one episode to the next.  The Afrikaans phrase is ‘boeiend’, what this  means is how much you feel obliged to keep watching.


Here I investigate the way the written plot and script is turned into a visual story, the  different factors that are used, and how well these are executed.


Colour is an important part of any anime.  It helps set the tone and create feelings within the  viewers.  I look at how original the colour usage is, how apt it is to the story, and whether it  contributes or detracts from the story.

Animation Style

In this category I look for originality.  Is the animation style the same as every other anime  out there, or do the creators go a different direction.  Do they try to bring something new to  the table, and how well does it fit with the anime.


Motion is what makes an anime different from a manga.  I look at how fluid and high  quality the motions are animated, how well they are choreographed, and if they are realistic,  or if it feels like a god-style videogame.


Sound is an important part of an anime.  I look at both the quality of the voices, the  background sounds, and the music scores used in the anime.  How applicable they are, and  if they fit in with the feeling of the anime.


I look at how well the opening and closing themes get you in the mood for the anime, and  how the in-episode music fits in with what is happening in the scenes in general.


It’s all about the people.  How well are the characters thought out and depicted in the anime,  and are they even worth putting in the anime at all.


As I say in all my review, motivation is central to my idea of a good set of characters.  Each  character is a person, and as such needs a reason for doing what he does, and for making the  decisions he makes.  If I can’t grasp the reason for a characters action and decisions, and if  it isn’t intended to be that way for the story, then I am likely to review the anime badly.

Breaking from archetypes

Everyone hates generic characters that you can sum up right after seeing.  It is especially so  for me.  Each character needs a unique feel to him.  I highly value original characterisation  and unique approaches to character personalities.

Main Characters

This is quite simple, how do the main characters stack up and how well presented are they.

Supporting Characters

I do the same here as for main characters.

Importance to story

It’s important for me that each character have a reason for existing, other than filling the  screen with faces, and the time with pointless conversation.  Each character needs to bring  something unique to the story, and impact intrinsically the way the story plays out and how  the main characters develop throughout.


Here I bring everything together and give my recommendation for the anime, should you watch it, or is this review enough about the story and you needn’t bother with wasting you time watching it.

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kaelja Dec 24, 2015

Heeeey dat is lang geleden! :D

Hoe gaat ermee?

Ik wens u in Afrika ook een

Vrolijk Kerstfeest ^^/

Sianeka Nov 21, 2015

So sorry for my long delay in responding, I just haven't been on a-p much since RL has been so busy lately...

ShojiroKatsuragi says... I've recently started moving away from anime, not in the sense of watching less, well, that too, but mostly in the sense that I've begun reading light novels and manga more.  I've found a few that are intriguing at this point.  It's too bad that a-p doesn't have a section for light novels.

I never really can find the time to read much manga these days.  However, I've recently started Amaama to Inazuma which was recommended to me for its similarities to Usagi Drop.  The little girl, Tsumugi, is adorable!  These days, I've been reading more manga online and it just isn't as convenient as having physical books at hand...

ShojiroKatsuragi says... I have to say I was dissapointed with Charlotte.  It was pretty good until around episode 11.  The last episode they scrunched in at least a half season's worth of content into just one episode...  So disappointing.

You are not the first to tell me this, so I've really decided I'm not in any hurry to watch it anymore.  I've started some current season shows instead... Are you watching anything from this new season yet?

ShojiroKatsuragi says... On another note, Kekkai Sensen has finally finished!  After six months it is finally done.  It was a brilliant anime and I can't wait to begin delving into it's intricacies and metaphors.  It is an anime I could compare to Death note in it's metophoricality and intricate use of symbolism and images.

I've only seen the first episode, but you have me intrigued to check this out more.  I watched it with one of my anime groups and they haven't continued with it yet.  I'm going to check into it on my own since you recommend it so highly!

Sianeka Oct 10, 2015

ShojiroKatsuragi says... ... (RE: Gate) Literary Studies is one of my subjects, so about three episodes in I picked up on the queues.  It does it quite well and it's parodies of politics and otaku life is rather well done.  I find it dommendable that it runs walks the tightrope act with comedy and manages to not become ridiculously silly.  It manages to remain tasteful in ots comedy and uses it well to stay lighthearted when tackling these issues.  It looks at politics in quite some depth, and touches on several themes that are wuite interesting.  Beyond that it's parody of military and otaku life is brilliant.  Its mixing of the serious life soldiers have, with the stereotypical carefree otaku life is cery well done.  It excellently shows that there is more dimetnionality to otakus and soldiers than are the cliches.  I particularly like that they didn't make Itami into a hentai protagonist.  They show that he has the normal male thoughts, but is able to control the  well.

So sorry for the long delay in responding, things got a bit busy around here for me recently.  Am just now getting back to having time to spend on a-p!  I've got another anime group meeting today, so I'm hoping to see more of the show to see demonstrated what you've stated above in your opinions of it.  I'm certainly looking forward to see if I can see in it what you have seen!

ShojiroKatsuragi says... Rokka is a very good mystery anime that boggles your mind at every episode, starting at around episode 4.  It takes the typical PI train trapped mystery trope and plays it out in a fantasy setting very well.

Rokka eh?  I haven't even heard of it! *grin*  OK, checked out the description and based on your endorsement above, Rokka no Yuusha is now on my WtW List.

ShojiroKatsuragi says... All in all I have to say the spring and summer seasons this year proved stocked quite well with good anime.

It's a bit funny to hear you say that, as nothing seemed especially compelling to me to watch it when I read over the preseason descriptions (for summer), only thought that a couple sounded interesting and I was going to wait till reviews came in to decide more shows to watch besides the two that sounded intriguing to me (Gangsta. and Charlotte)... and most of what I read said that summer was a disappointing season for anime viewing...

I still haven't even started any summer season shows to be watching on my own yet, still haven't finished with Spring season really, and Fall season is upon us now.  I have a Fall anime assignment from one of my a-p clubs, so I'll be starting that soon, but have to play catchup with the past couple of seasons.

Sianeka Sep 23, 2015

ShojiroKatsuragi says...  It certainly has a lot of archetypes, but it uses them in a few refreshing ways.  Honestly, just the fact that they avoided mechas won it some points.  I've read ahead in the manga, and if the anime follows the manga in it's second season, I have high hopes for it.  The ending was brilliant, especially considering where the manga goes after the season's ending.  It sets you up very well for what will follow.

I recently got elected to our Academic Student Association, and as such I'm very busy, but I hope to have a review of Rokka no Yuusha up within the next week.

Congrats on the new ASA position! *big smile*

Good to hear my friend was on the money when he told me it gets better when I told him of my harem fears.  Sometimes, his opinion isn't so reliable, especially since he seems to really, really like even the lamest of all harem shows!

Am totally unfamiliar with Rokka, but look forward to taking a look at your review when I read some of the others!

ShojiroKatsuragi says...  And one should remember that Gate is a satirical comedy, and its use of archetypes very much reflects that.

Watching with one of my anime groups, so I went into it blind with no prior knowledge (nor expectations).  Didn't know it was a satirical comedy going in...

Sianeka Sep 23, 2015

ShojiroKatsuragi says...  Hello there, once again, Sianeka.  Things have been busy unlike anything they have ever been before.  However, I have managed to get a review done of Gate: Jieitai kanochi nite, kaku tatakaeri and thought you might like to take a look.  Enjoy and feel free to give me some feedback!

Oh, hello again! *smile*

I will look at your reviews as soon as I free up some time, and wiould love to give some feedback.  I'm interested to see what you have to say about Gate, since I have had such mixed feelings with this show.  I'm watching it with one of my anime groups, so I am not current but am behind in viewing.

At first, was quite intrigued, but then it started looking like it was going to turn in a Harem direction.  Seriously, they introduced a princess, a Loli-goddess, a young female magelet, even an elf, for heaven's sakes.  I was so disappointed.  Then a friend went ahead of the group and watched more of it on his own and told me it was good.  So, I wasn't unwilling to continue watching with the group, and am glad I did because it seems it will get back to the story and NOT turn into a boring cliche harem show!

Anyways, thanks for reminding me that you are here, and encouraging me to look at your reviews.  Something I really want and NEED to do! *grin*