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I haven't watched many anime, but I'm looking to broaden my horizen with this site. I watch a my anime from , , or on the aniconnex app. I'm always open to new suggestions, but I love fantasy anime the most. I grew up watching Pokemon, Digimon (yes, I watched both and loved them) Bakugan, Yu-Gi-Oh, Beybade, Naruto and Inuyasha. I lost anime for a few years because my family moved and we didn't have cable. But now I'm back in the game and have started to binge many series. Anime is my escape from my nightmare reality of doctors, as I am but a simple sickly (almost, but not deadly), person. I have ADHD, EDS (ehlers danlos syndrome, still fighting to get me what I need), autism, canada yeast infection of the esphagus (which is a step up from Celiac disease); so yeah, I'm one screwed up person. So yeah, definitely screwed up. I read fanfiction, like, all the time. And, wel, that's about all you need to know about little ole me.

Edit: Its been 5 years since I made my account and my heavens have I watched a boatload more anime. While fantasy anime is still my go to I am now isekai trash. I gave up fighting for the most part not wanting to deal with all the bs especially where I live now it's impossible to get what I need. I wrote my original when kissanime was still a thing as well as anniconnex. Its 2022 we're just starting to get out of the pandemic and I'm 23 now and anime is bigger here in the west than ever. As for the pandemic babies of anime welcome to the community. i have become the anime chick that everyone in my social circle goes to for recommendations. My friends tell their friends who like anime to always listen to them because I am a guru (their words not mine). If I know a vague bit of your tastes I can recommend one or two things that'll get your interests. My motto is I watch all the trashy stuff and recommend only the best so you dont have to watch mid anime. How things have changed from looking to broaden my horizons to being the one recommending the anime. Though my go to recommendation had to be Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, never once have I gotten a complaint from my friends or even people online. Its weird obscene and hilarious. I also only watch things in dub, I remeber not putting that in the original bio because I was afraid of the backlash of the sub vs dub wars which have thankfully died down a bunch. As you can tell by my all over the place update ADHD still running strong

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