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I haven't watched many anime, but I'm looking to broaden my horizen with this site. I watch a my anime from , , or on the aniconnex app. I'm always open to new suggestions, but I love fantasy anime the most. I grew up watching Pokemon, Digimon (yes, I watched both and loved them) Bakugan, Yu-Gi-Oh, Beybade, Naruto and Inuyasha. I lost anime for a few years because my family moved and we didn't have cable. But now I'm back in the game and have started to binge many series. Anime is my escape from my nightmare reality of doctors, as I am but a simple sickly (almost, but not deadly), person. I have ADHD, EDS (ehlers danlos syndrome, still fighting to get me what I need), autism, canada yeast infection of the esphagus (which is a step up from Celiac disease); so yeah, I'm one screwed up person. So yeah, definitely screwed up. I read fanfiction, like, all the time. And, wel, that's about all you need to know about little ole me.

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