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SarangJieun Jun 21, 2016

Lol. Sorry. I legit don't care, I was just not online for a while. ^^ and yes i "actually" like anime. lol but no, it wasn'tmy child hood. My parents got divorced when I was 3 and my mom ran away with me, and she was anti anything modern. So i didn't even watch TV. But that sounds like a fun childhood xD.

SarangJieun Jun 18, 2016

Lol. I am a girl.

SarangJieun May 27, 2016

Uhm... Korean? lol. And that's kool (btw... thats still Korean xD ) Any way... how old are you if you don't mind me asking.

SarangJieun May 26, 2016

kekeke. 나는 유창 하지 않다 ! But I think I got the gist of what you were saying. I had a feeling you would be fluent tho, it does say you are Korean on your profile xD. And daaang.... you travel further than I ever have. kekekeke. You should totally teach me, tho. :P I don't know how, but you totally should. Oh, and I am an ironman. 

SarangJieun May 23, 2016

kekekek, I'm sorry. You don't need to take me so seriosly. You can ask me what ever you want ^^. And where have you lived? Also, I am a descraceful person and i don't know any Japanese xD. I know Korean tho :P