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sothis May 27, 2021

ltns, the anime mods were just lamenting about missing you on the team! :)

Tsurukami Dec 25, 2019

We didn't talk for quite a while,so I dropped by to say hi.Remember when we talked about FGO?This year I managed to get two SSRs:Nero Bride and Ereshkigal.I plan to use them during my final battle against Tiamat.I'm now planning to train most of my gold servants up to at least lv 80 to stay strong.

After 8 months of busy schedules,I managed to beat Rhongomyniad yesterday with my LV80 Saber Alter,lv 73 Nero Bride,LV 60 Mash,low leveled Saber Fran and Bedivere with a Okita support as I can't find a Mordred.I managed to wipe the floor with her easily in the first turn,but the 2nd turn,her np went off eariler than expected and she wiped out most of my team.Making my Saber Alter fighting the Lion King gives me chills;a tyrant vs a even worse tyrant.

Also,I saved up 160+ SQ to get either Merlin or Jalter.Will get Berserker Jalter next year.

Zed Aug 3, 2019

The members page on the forums shows if one of the members is having a bd. Will be waiting for you to get your life back together so that we can enjoy shitposting on the forums together again. ;)

Zed Jul 27, 2019

Ay buddy happy BD. I hope you're doing well where ever you are.