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Overall, it's nice but i kind of feel bad for the 2nd ML i mean like he did meet FL first and she did promised to marry him [kind of] and she just heartlessly left him without a word for the 1st ML and i didn't like how FL doesn't really have consideration for 2nd ML after all he did for her like not even thinking twice to save her even if he took all her fricking damage.

But i feel like its kind of weird how the twin fell for the 2nd ML since i mean she looks the same as FL so... kinda weird? i mean imagine looking like your BF's first love. I haven't read finished but i hope that they won't kill of the 2nd ML?

The 1st ML isn't bad though, i mean they have alot of moments together and they really are connected by FATE i mean like all those reincarnation they still end up falling for each other is kinda sweet but the 2nd ML really suffered ALOT for the FL so i mean, i probably will prefer him more seeing how he really actually loves her.

Recommended about 6/10? [rated quite low bc i hv second lead syndrome]

7/10 story
7/10 art
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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