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I honestly do NOT like this kinds of manhwas but if ur the  kind who prefers the MC to be some kind of girl who is easily charmed or like jealous and always tries to keep them up and its honestly so annoying seeing the girl chasing after the ML in her heart and she doesn't even know she likes him?!! 

What irritates me most is the fact that the MC is in her 40s in her previous life ,but 50s including the present time, she acts like a 10 year old and when the ML first meeting falsely accuses her and just blindly believes the Heroine but later after finding out that he was wrong, the MC IMMEDIATELY forgives and gets flustered and when the ML apologise liek once and pulls up some sad story about the late kings posioning, and him wanting to bring the wrong doings to light, the MC literally just thinks that hes some kind of righteous person or angel like thats soo annoying! Apologys don't always work and i hate how the MC has some kind of jealousy issues and is fringing cringy sometimes ngl and ik i said it before but she has a mental age of about 9 like seriously??!!! NOT RECOMMENDED

3/10 story
4/10 art
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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