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Top Overrated Anime

Anime I felt didn't live up to the hype around them, or are given much better ratings then they deserve.
1 Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Always make sure to read the terms and conditions of a contract. There, that is this entire show. 

2 Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

The 1st of 3 shows on this list I didn't finish. This show is so well liked by people and I felt so bad for hating it. I made it through 10 episodes before I called it quits. The female main character should basically die or be captured, become a slave, or some other terrible fate each episode. Two male characters only care about food. 

3 Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

The only attractive thing about this show is watching all the non-important people die bloody deaths. 

4 From the New World

From the New World

The 2nd show on this list I didn't finish. Made it through 9 episodes. To me the anime was just simply straight up boring. Characters were just blah.

5 Hell Girl

Hell Girl

The last of 3 shows on this list I didn't even finish. I made it through I think 7 episodes of this show, each is the exact same as the last. Same progression each episode, they even use some of the same scenes in each episode. Got boring really fast.

6 Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Lolis, lolis everywhere. I'm not against having a loli character, but literally every single female character in this is a loli, and even a male character is one...

7 Kiznaiver


Very cool premise of being linked to other people and feeling each other's pain (and splitting it). But it evolves into a love chain drama fest as their link evolves from just feeling each other's pain to feeling others emotions.

8 Student Council's Discretion

Student Council's Discretion

So this is a comedy about a student council at a school, literally nothing happens. They sit in a room and talk. The jokes are reptetive and forced. I don't think I laughed a single time through all the episodes.

9 Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

For a guy who writes a love manga, he knows absolutely nothing about any relationships. 

10 The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School

Calling the main character of this anime a boiled potato would be an insult to boiled potatoes. Throw in some creepy sibling love and high school politics and that's this anime.

At least the main character is OP and destroys everyone while they are flabbergasted.

11 Claymore


One of the first shows I ever watched, never really captured my interest. I didn't really care about the characters or what happens to them. I kept going hoping to see if there was a breakthrough and it never really came.

12 Black Bullet

Black Bullet

This show actually has good storyline, too bad the story plays second to all the lolifest this show becomes.

13 Sweetness & Lightning

Sweetness & Lightning

Honestly just straight up boring. I always feel like that is a problem with slice of life stuff. The humor just doesn't suit me, their is no romance, or at least one that had been shown before I dropped this show.

14 Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100

This show isn't bad, I'd probably give it a 6/10 or 6.5/10. It is by the same author as One Punch Man and it shows. The art is absolutely terrible, and I'm not talking about the animation by Bones, the actual art is bad. Everyone has the same damn face. At least One Punch Man's official manga has a real artist doing it and One just does the story, this needs that treatment. Plus it has the same basic premise of One Punch Man, big overpowered as hell main character that stomps everybody.

15 Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

I want to like this show so bad, and I used to think extremely highly of it before I had watched a lot of other anime (this was one of the first shows I watched). I still maintain the belief that the first two episodes of this show are amazing. They do a fantastic job of showing the setting, introducing the characters and so forth. But after those episodes, the story goes on fast forward, and not like 2x fast forward, but like 32x fast forward. It rushes through the actual RPG/Game/Dungeon whatever you want to call it aspects, just to showcase a forced romance. 

Then the 2nd half of the show starts and it should just be flushed down the toilet. 


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HelloStrobe Aug 6, 2017

Madoka Magica . . . you have the wrong idea about it. The terms and conditions were phrased in a way that would naturally make them assume that was all there is to it. They were manipulated. Sure, Madoka isn't perfect, and there are some things the fanbase think about it that don't make any sense, but PMMM is still a great show.