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Hey there, I'm one of the OLD (I'm in my 30s now, I get to emphasize) reviewers for AP, back when we were staff-written. I still check in from time to time, and recently started throwing reviews up on occasion as I slowly work my way through an 8 year backlog of series.

For those wondering, my Shigurui review is perhaps my most infamous and controversial review I posted to the site. Looking back, my opinion of the show stands but it's an absolutely terrible review. I leave it up for posterity's sake -- my reviews on AP are like a timeline back to my teenage years. But don't stop there -- feel free to go sift through my old work if you like and leave me a comment! I actually have several unposted reviews that I wrote many years ago that I'm considering polishing and eventually posting one day. For now, I'm just cataloging all my "new" stuff below:



GATE - 6/8/20 - Definitely don't have mainstream thoughts on this one, but I'm known for "unique" reviews from time to time (Does anyone remember my 2009 April Fools KonoMini review? LOL)

Beyond the Boundary Movies - 6/7/20 - Did they go Beyond the Mediocrity? Well, about that...

Parasyte - 1/30/20 - Very nice horror/drama. Not as gripping as Shiki, but still quite solid.

Deadman Wonderland - 1/20/20 - Get rekt, Fate/Stay Night has been upheaved as awful shounen champion.

Shiki - 1/16/20 - Blew me away. Spectacular dark drama without cucked vampires.

Mahou Tsukai no Yome - 1/13/20 - A disappointing attempt at a mishmash of genres that was too timid to ever go "dark."

Orange - 8/18/19 - What AnoHana should have been if it didn't suck, but still "okay."

Your Lie in April - 8/6/19 - Another top tier series. Elegant, beautiful, and definitely should be on your list.

AnoHana - 8/4/19 - So very disappointing...

Wotakoi - 7/30/19 - What an absolutely fantastic slice-of-life comedy/romance.

Violet Evergarden - 7/28/19 - Aesthetically absolutely gorgeous, but riddled with holes.

Grimgar ~Of Mediocrity and Meh~ - 7/27/19 - Average and bland with enormous unused potential.

Just Because - 7/21/19 - Bam, four! With a fifth to follow soon (this next one not so nice.)

Our Love is Only 10 Centimeters Apart - 7/19/2019 - On a role here, knocking out another romance anime. Check it out!

Golden Time - 4/22/2019 - And another? What is happening?

Youjo Senki - 2/24/2019 - What on earth, a new review after like 7 years?!?!

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hellamisanthropic Jan 31, 2021

I absolutely love your reviews!

Mirabili Aug 23, 2020

Just popping by to say I adore how well written your reviews are.

jediuser Aug 19, 2020

Sheex, good to see your back!

I also started posting reviews on the site after years away. If you have the time, check it out.

PS. Your new reviews are pretty good, it's good a staff writer is back. Even if Ancient Magus Bride is a personal favorite of mine. 

lindapearl Jun 10, 2020

I need drama and fairy-like in my romance. I'm not looking for a realistic view of it. That's one of the reasons I don't like slice of life. I really enjoyed Shirayuki-hime. I do hope there's a third season. I definitely want to read the manga, but it's ongoing so I'm waiting for it to finish. I don't like reading ongoing manga. 


I didn't think about all of that when I was watching Orange. It's been a few years since I watched it so I don't remember much. Maybe I should rewatch it someday. I remember liking it a lot. It might be better if the story focus more on romance. It's still a good anime either which way. I will give your reviews a look when I have the time.


I don't mind if it's comments or DM, but probably DM would be better. I will DM and you can just reply there. That way it's doesn't cluster the comments.

lindapearl Jun 9, 2020

I knew from the beginning I probably won't like Wotakoi, but decided to watch it anyways since it's well known. It was slow, boring, and there's not that much romance. I only enjoyed some parts of it. I'm not really interested in anime about otakus or NEETs either. Many of the ones I watched turned out to be okay at best. I often do like workplace romance but something about Wotakoi did not click with me. It's hard to find romance anime I like. Many of them I either didn't enjoy it or the story wasn't really complete. That's why I mainly read romance manga and watch fantasy, action anime. I find action to be a lot better when everything is animated. 

I do like shounen-ai even though I'm not a fan of shoujo-ai. That's why I stop paying much attention to whether an anime is tagged josei or shoujo. There's a lot of shoujo anime I liked. In the end it doesn't really matter. Orange is a nice anime and it is a bit on the mature side. I do think that it focuses more on suicide whether than romance though. Have you read the manga? The anime is similar to the manga, but I did like the manga more. 

It's kind of the same for me even though I feel like I don't enjoy some genres as much as I used to. I don't have many other hobbies besides anime and manga. Almost my whole family watches anime as well so that also keeps me interested.