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Hello and welcome to my profile.

My first anime was Princess Monokee when I was in grade school.

My binge started in Jan of 2015 when I watched Blood+ on a whim since it was on Netflix. I was shocked it was soo good and I was hooked. Almost all shows I have watched since then are anime, but I cannot get enough of Archer, Rick and Morty, Vikings and South Park.

I started My Ranked List at the start of 2016. It keeps my thoughts organized and is hopefully helpful or interesting to anyone who reads some of it. I try to keep it spoiler free but there are some specifics which are tagged. I constantly keep it updated and have noticed it gets harder and harder to place new shows watched. The rankings are based on my personal enjoyment, story and entertianment value. The stuggle against recency bias has been a problem and will continue to be as the list grows. Rewatching to jusitfy rank helps but its never as good as watching a show for the first time and sometimes shows do not age well or things can be different than I remember.

I usually try to go into a new show blind to have an unbiased opnion. What I watch next is usually randomly picked off my want to watch list. I typically like mature shows that are Senien, action, adventure and dark. I really like Ecchi but drama and mystery are good too. It is unlikely I will watch any reverse harem, Shoujo, Yuri, Yaoi, or sports anime.

I am a big gamer but also like tennis, poker, drinking and drawing.

I started drawing at the end of 2015 and ended up really enjoying it. I draw from reference for now and am currently trying to learn how to colour. Check out my other drawings or the creation gif on Imgur.

My collage

Yes I drew this :P ... from reference.

I joined anime-planet in March 2015 and started a page view counter on March 14 2017. View count:

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beekid Feb 20, 2018

You're welcome, and thank you! I'll be sure to do that if I need some :) Hmmm...I think I found you through that list.

Chariot Feb 1, 2018

Ah I see I see. I was wondering about that series. Good to know!

Yayyy ^-^

Chariot Jan 29, 2018

Yeah, it's really nice to have a large set. Lots of blending options, too many blending options, LOL

Oooo, sounds like a lot of responsibility o:
Looks fun though!

Let's see... I think I started it in 2011. I watched the first 100 episodes or so, and then took a break from it. I'm not quite sure why, but I think it was because I wanted to start other anime as well... Then I came back to it when there were less than 10 episodes left to air and I watched upwards of 17-22 episodes a day of Bleach xD So there wasn't really that huge of a break. 3 months tops of a break and then I watched the whole rest of the 200+ episodes ^-^

Ironically, I just drew a manga cap of Ichigo from chapter 675 today o:

Would you like to see?

Chariot Jan 24, 2018

Well thank you o: I love Overlord, heh. I enjoy the Manga a bit more though. Some faces the main character does in the Manga aren't in the Anime, and that makes me a little sad xD

Sweet, that's cool. Sword Art Online wasn't really my cup of tea, but I still enjoyed the movie very much!

Mhmm. I bought a 250 set of PrismaColor coloured pencils in 2016. My friend gave me a PrismaColor sharpener, still using it too ^-^ The only paper I've used for my big drawings and my Chibi's is from an 11x17 Strathmore Sketchbook that was given to me years ago by my grandmother. Unfortunately they don't sell that particular Sketchbook anymore, there are a few like it though on their site... For more simple and quick drawings I use regular old printer paper, such as my Inktober drawings. I also used to draw in a Composition Notebook, Alucard was drawn in one. I also have touched Watercolor a little bit, and I have 40 lb Watercolor paper for that.

List rule? What are you talking about? o:

Ah, that's cool. It's good to branch out like that with drawings ^-^

I shall let you know if I do o:


Chariot Jan 23, 2018

Hi there! It's been a while, I wanted to lead off with what you had last asked me to find for you. I wanted to apologize for not being able to find Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale for you in a timely fashion. I never forgot, but there was a time I stopped looking and apparently a good quality version of it came out suring that time. I'm really glad that you got to see it finally though ^-^

Thank you so much >///< The colouring part is always great fun. Thank you again! At that time I didn't have many supplies to work with, but he did turn out pretty well... Mhmm, I do have a DeviantArt watches the video. Very nice, thank you for showing me! I now have a few more ideas about shading...

Oh wow, that's a relly nice collage o: I can name a lot of the characters too! Very well done! I love your anime ranking list. Very well thought out, boy now you've got me wanting to do that to my lists xD

Cheers :P