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Halex Feb 6, 2021

Yeah, FMAB has the best ending (but not the best beginning), and indeed covers the full story, but it's a matter of quality. The beginning is what is done way better in FMA, and is too compressed in FMAB, so you get the same events but not the same experience.

Watching the filler story in FMA is optional, but I think is pretty good. If that story had failed we probably would have never got FMAB :)

Halex Feb 3, 2021

Hi Sharfuddin2020,

I actually do have a Fullmetal Alchemist - Watching Guide, I just review and updated for you with the latest info I have after rewatching the series.

You also might want to save the Watching Guides list where I'm collecting all available guides from all users, just click the heart icon and it gets saved to your loved custom lists.

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Halex Jan 26, 2021

I'm glad you find it useful!

Halex Oct 17, 2020

Hi, thanks for following, I follow you back.