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The Lady and the Beast

Oct 20, 2020

(Full of spoilers)
The girl and the beast is another decent manwha. The art is decent at best, the story is full of holes and plotlines with 0 meanings in the begining. 


The story is weird and isnt planned out well enough in the begining which made it less enjoyable, so idk why its rated so high as this.

Arc 1
The first issue i have with the story is the begining, the Mc lost her family and tribe and was the only one left, she was keept as a toy for the king, but ended up slaying the king and 200 other people ''alone'' and rescued the other prince before that.
1st issue is that if she was that strong then why didnt she just save her tribe.
2nd issue is that she could have killed the king b4 she was ''raped'' by the king when they were both alone togheter. 

Plotline 1.
She then get's betrayed by the next king aka the prince she saved, turns out they both loved each other (?)
- then whytf did he betray her? 

Arc 2.
''The next arc, she was reborn and her sister had to marry some noble to save their family, the night before they were gona travel to that place, the mc  sneaks of inn the middle of the night to go to the noble so that the sister didnt have to, so she gets to a horse rides all the way to the main gate where her sister was waiting for here.''
- Does her sister have teleporting power? how tf could she have gotten to the gates b4 the mc, if the mc sneaked off in the middle of the night and they both ''sleept'' next to eachother

the art is decent, its full colour though which is an +
But it doesnt matter if the story is shit. 

The mc is smart,brave,fearless and so on, this is becouse she has her memories from her previous life.
+ she is funny and focuses on the good thing instead of the bad, unfortunately the mc is the only likeable character. 

Overall. 5/10 
They should have planed the begining of the story and plots beter, also invest more time into the sidecharacters, the begining made me almost drop it but the story did improve. 

4/10 story
6/10 art
6/10 characters
5/10 overall

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