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Just ur regular joe from Norway \ (•◡•) /

some of my favorite genre in anime is''from weak to strong'' ''1000iq'' ''isekai trash'' and ''dark/dirty comedy''

some of my favorites anime (not all of them, not in order as well and no spoilers)

Some of my favorites manga (not all of them, not in order as well and no spoilers) 

Some manga/anime that deserves more attention.

Please come with some Anime or Manga recomendation if u have so.


How i rate 
1-2 Is this torture?
3-4 I had to painfully force myself to watch/read it. 
5 its shit, but it had its moments. 
6 its okey - average
7 okeyyyy above avereage
8 This is good
9 Really good
10 wow!

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Mentallysighing Jan 16, 2021

Well I went and looked at your lists and didn't see any of these anywhere so yea imo I found them to be pretty good and I hope you find at least one of these seems interesting to you(:

some mangas 

Shinigami x Doctor


Laughter at the World's End

About Death

Mom, Please Don't Come Adventuring With Me!

Juujika no Rokunin


Now for some animes


Drifting Dragons

Jing: King of Bandits

Mentallysighing Jan 16, 2021

Nice, how was the first episode of Reincarneted as a slime?

I did watch the first 1st season of The promised neverland and I thought it was good 

Thats cool that you watch animes with your family. I didn't know it had a dub version,  how was it?

Mentallysighing Jan 14, 2021

Yea the art style is very nice. Thank you for not spoiling anything, much appreciated! I'm in the beginning right where the teacher just transformed. 

Thank you for the info(:

Yes I'm very excited about Reincarneted as a slime second season I'm thinking of re-watching the first season again while waiting for the second season part 1 to finish.  What about you?

Mentallysighing Jan 13, 2021


Glad to see someone else is enjoying Youkai Ame Onna ni yoru Kamikakushi! 

Thanks for the rec! I've started reading it and have taken a liking to it, much appreciated!

One more thing, where is that gif on your profile from? It seems funny(x

Some1ridculous Jan 12, 2021

Agreed "Talentless Nana" had a pretty interesting premise atw up to its ending!