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Tom20 Apr 14, 2011

If you are still here, delete those "spoiler reviews".

Cauvin Jan 21, 2011

Sorry >.< i was really irratated about soemthing when i left tyou that comment. I didint mean to come off as rude as i did :(

Cauvin Dec 6, 2010

Please stop doing your so called "reviews", they are more like comments and tell me nothing about the show you are reviewing. Please take a look at other reviews to see how its done, and take more time to write more detailed reviews.

Kari5 May 23, 2010

I just wanted to correct your "Japanese" in your profile. You said Nihon go food, which is incorrect. "Go" means laguage (thus Nihon go is Japanes language, and I don't think your food speaks Japanese). However, "Nihon no food" makes a bit more sense :) (and anime, music, and manga do not have "s" when they're pural, it's just manga, anime and music)

Selverwulf Jan 26, 2010

Here are a few sites I found with that anime on it: