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Iskeai Izakaya is a show that presents itself as a typical isekai restaurant anime, however, it's certainly not something that someone would enjoy if they are looking for anime with a long-lasting plot or characters you will become attached to. This is a show purely about Japanese food. If you have ever watched those traveling tv shows where they visit restaurants and food stands in other countries, and it's basically just watching someone eat and explain the history/preparation of said food; then you will recognize Isekai Izakaya for what it is. It's kind of a tourism anime, and I personally enjoy that sort of thing. 

Each episode starts out with our main characters serving one or two new customers in the time-traveling izakaya. They always prepare just the right dish to their (usual skeptical or bewildered) customers and we get a lot of food animation complete. The story is kind of all the same but it'll make you smile or at the very least desperately hungry. The last 5 mins of the show are dedicated to live action segments that either follow a chef as he prepares a dish similar to the one featured in that episode or a man as he travels to izakaya in Japan for similar food. You either get some really interesting recipes or directions to a local restaurant that serves 'Whatsontap' and delicious food. 

The story is weak and not really the "point" of the anime, so there isn't a ton of appeal to simply watch this anime all the way through to the last episode. But at 15 mins an episode they are super easy to breeze through and perfect for a few minutes of downtime. The animation and sound are pretty good quality, making all the food look/sound mouthwatering.  

5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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