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Hello! I'm Shadowrose, or Michelle if you'd like! 

I have enjoyed anime from nearly all genres and I tend to have the patience of a saint when it comes to finishing off every anime that I start, even if I loathe it beyond all reason. (Manga, not so much) 

I also tend to have at least one 'project anime' going at a time, which is an anime that typically has 50+ episodes and is usually complete. That way I almost always have something to watch, even if I'm bored or caught up with my others. This doesn't always work out in my favor if the anime I choose turns out to be trash, but such is life. 

Current Project Animes - TBD 


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Sirscaredyclaude Sep 4, 2022

Hello Michelle! So what do you think of Emi Shinohara? The original voice of Sailor Jupiter is old enough to be my mom.

XxZeroeZxX Apr 21, 2019

Happy Easter friend, hope u hav a pleasant day :)

XxZeroeZxX Apr 15, 2019

Well fortunately I had a bit of free time in the last week, so I previewed quite a few shows

I'd say in terms of 1st impressions:

Sarazanmai had that totally over-the-top Penguindrum flair that you would expect, I lov the way these guys make shows, you hav no idea wtf is going but the energy and the fun factor is always on point

Carole & Tuesday was cute, kind of opposite side of the spectrum, very classic sort of setup, not something u haven't seen before, but all the same I personally I kinda like exploring the same themes w/ a subtly different spin on it you know, cause its more about the attention to detail

Fairy Gone was friggin badass, again conceptually a retread, but I like when studios step outside their comfort zone, definitely a departure for PA and their low key SoLs, which I lov, but Kuromukuro which is the closest they've done to this was slow but grew on you, so I'm intrigued to see what they've learned since then

Magmel was definitely the standout in terms of the 1st episode itself, good worldbuilding, strong lead character, gave me some of the flavor of Made in Abyss which I loved so that's definitely a good start

There's RobiHachi which is basically a spiritual successor to Space Dandy, so that's fun and lively

And then there's that Koto Club show, I generally enjoy SoLs w/ esoteric themes, and this is definitely one of those, so that works lol

That ofc disregards any of the sequels airing which I don't hav any stake in, but I'd say in terms of this crew, while I don't 'necessarily' see greatness in terms of depth and complexity, I do see a whole heck of a lot of energy and entertainment value, which to ur point is something that was sorely lacking last season

So here's hoping that's indeed what we get ^_^

XxZeroeZxX Apr 14, 2019

Hallo sempai! :D

Glad u r doing well ^_^

As it so happens, I actually just started a new job a few weeks ago, so I'm having to get all adjusted again as well lol

But so far so good I suppose, just trying to get integrating w/ the team, even though its the same type of engineering business I was in before, you'd be surprised how differently they go about doing things, funny how that works haha

And at long last I'm finally caught up w/ anime :)

I've watched quite a few premiers f/ the new season, I'm actually excited about it for once, quite a nice variety ^_^

What hav u been watching sempai? :)

XxZeroeZxX Jan 19, 2019

I'm so sorry sempai, been all over the place lately and I realized I never got back to u -_-

It looks like I won't really be following much this season. I do really enjoy Dororo and Domestic Girlfriend is pretty hilarious (and cliche as all get-out lol). I watched the 1st ep of that new mahou shoujo anime, I must admit it is a lot less terrible than I would've thought, idk we'll see how long that lasts lol. Then I still gotta wrap up Iroduku f/ last season, and I just started watching Beck of all things w/ a friend of mine haha.

But yeah, works so damn busy that its probably a good thing that I don't hav much going on anime wise lol. What do u do sempai? I'm sure ur real busy too :(