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I am a person, I watch anime.


My favourite female characters (in order):

Momo (To Love-Ru)

Nagisa (Clannad)

Miho (Girls und Panzer)

Mahiru (Working!!)

Yuno (Mirai Nikki)

Holo (Spice and Wolf)

Ohana (Hanasaku Iroha) 

Serena (Pokemon)

My favourite male characters (In order):

Ash (Pokemon)

Tomoya (Clannad)

Guts (Berserk)

Takumi (Initial D)

Kenshiro (Hokuto no Ken)

Light (Death Note)

Wolfgang Grimmer (Monster)

Haseo (.Hack//Roots)


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Seiferus Dec 18, 2018

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the video.

shadowfoxza Jul 19, 2014

There's an import function already :) Just export your MAL list and you can import it here.

shadowfoxza Jul 18, 2014

I'm going to try and encourage other Saffers to move here as well - especially if they have MAL profiles - with the rebuild AP just became a hell of a lot better :)

Aly7 Jun 24, 2014

it's funny that you mentioned the friends anime because i was actually watching it around the time you posted the comment! since then i kind of dropped it. it wasn't bad or anything, but i guess just not amazing enough to get my attention. i felt like there were so many greats last year and this year i am really struggling to find anything :(