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1/2 Prince

Apr 12, 2015

to tell the truth i like this manga. but i cant see passed its flaws. in the start our main protag was given the name blood elf. Why did she love blood so much? When she got the tiara it said it would become a tool but it was just a deceration for the most part. we need more of an explanation of our main character. we see her but do we understand what see truely is. we can make up anything to fill the gaps but everything she does coms out of lrft field. she may look like ahe has pure intentions sometimes but she says some morbid things that makes me question everything i know about her.

Also i hate the next story ark. it ruined the entire point of the manga. what happened to makeing a legend and proveing your worth. its not just about changing grenders. those kids dont know how hard it was to be a legend or have the guts to face enemys.

7/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Geist00 May 14, 2021

The tiara was indeed introduced like it would be a significant item, but in reality it didn't really had any impact at all (well it was boosting stats), beside the fact that the Prince was wearing it from that point on.

xPoro Oct 4, 2015

Umm, No. It never did say she loved blood. She just enjoyed her bloodlust and people saw her as a blood elf. Maybe you interpred the translation wrong with the tiara being a tool (It's just useful because it can level up). Ah, I mentioned it was translated (and it has a ligh novel). There is a raw, you know. You could look at that, but only if you can read it...Anyways, she is explained plenty throughout the story especially through her drawn facial expressions. Maybe the inputted morbid things are supposed to be funny, I say this because I thought it was.

Sure, the new ark ruined it and totally tilted the atmosphere, but to tell you the truth right now its just being prolonged. I'm not 100% why, but I think the author was just like, "Hmm...Readers enjoy my novel 1/2 Prince...Lets make it longer but I have no more ideas...Let's cover it up." Aaand boom, here comes the derpy ark. But I personally think it gives a new perspective from a character thats not the main character.